Adele Mulrennan Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth And Much More!

Adele Mulrennan is an esteemed presenter and former professional jockey hailing from Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire England. Renowned for her charming presence and deep passion for horses, Adele’s journey into racing industry is truly one of perseverance and devotion.

Early Life and Education

Adele Rothery hails from Boroughbridge where her passion for horses began at an early age despite financial obstacles. To her great determination and resolve she quickly traded work for riding lessons – setting in motion her eventual horse racing career under guidance provided by professional jockey Dominic Elsworth’s mother before eventually earning herself a place at Sue & Harvey Smith Stables before moving onto Richard Fahey Stables later on.

Racing Career and Transition

Adele had an outstanding professional riding career from 2003-2009. In this time she amassed over 100 rides and secured 12 victories – her highlight being winning at the Scottish Sprint Cup on Masta Plasta in 2008. Harvey Smith initially expressed concerns regarding Adele’s height for jumping, yet Adele soon found success as an apprentice of deceased trainer Dandy Nicholls.

Adele made an abrupt transition after marrying and giving birth to Scarlett: she went from full-time jockeying to prioritising family life while exploring opportunities within racing. To mark this change she joined Go Racing In Yorkshire where she underwent intensive media training which prepared her for life as an onscreen personality.

Media Visibility and Impact Analysis

Adele Mulrennan has quickly become a household name on ITV Racing and Go Racing In Yorkshire, using her extensive horseracing knowledge and experience to engage and educate viewers. Her friendly demeanor and insightful commentary has cemented Adele as a beloved figure among horseracing enthusiasts.

Your Life and Family

Adele Mulrennan and Paul Mulrennan, professional horse riders with more than 1000 competition wins between them, met around 2003 and married in 2009. Together, their daughter Scarlett follows in both of their parents’ footsteps as an enthusiastic horse rider; further adding charm to the household through Daisy their beloved pet dog.

Advocacy and Community Involvement

Adele is not simply a presenter but is an advocate for horse racing community. In 2020, Adele stood firm against online trolls targeting her husband – showing both resilience and protective nature – showing just how committed Adele is to horse racing community events and events related to it.


Adele Mulrennan’s incredible journey from hopeless youngster on a council estate to respected figure in horse racing stands as testament to her dedication and perseverance. Moving seamlessly from jockey to presenter allows Adele to stay involved with horse racing while contributing significantly to media coverage and community outreach activities of this sport. Today Adele remains an impressive presence within horse racing who stands out for both her professional achievements as well as dedication towards family life and community work.

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