Andy Cohen Net Worth How Much Is Andy Cohen Worth?

Andrew Joseph Cohen (b. June 2, 1968, St Louis MO) has earned widespread renown within American entertainment. With charisma and sharp intelligence as hallmarks, Andy is well-recognized as an influential television producer, author, presenter, and television journalist student – journey that continues today as multidimensional media personality and influencer.

Early Media Beginnings

Andy began his media career while attending Boston University, honing his journalism skills. Following graduation, Andy secured an internship at CBS News that eventually turned into an 11-year tenure where he advanced steadily up the ranks to senior producer status. Working on shows such as “The Early Show” and “48 Hours” provided Andy with invaluable training in news production as well as entertainment production techniques.

Bravo and Beyond

Andy first made an impactful transition in 2000 as Vice President of Programming for Trio; but truly made his mark upon joining Bravo as Executive Vice President for Original Programming and Development in 2005. At Bravo, Andy helped transform it into one of reality television’s powerhouses by spearheading iconic programs such as “The Real Housewives” franchise and “Top Chef,” thus revolutionizing both their network as well as reality TV in general.

Revolutionizing Late Night

Andy first rose to prominence with the debut of “Watch What Happens Live” in 2009 on Bravo, an interactive late night talk show which revolutionized celebrity interviews and quickly became one of the network’s flagship programs. Andy served as host and was known to offer dynamic conversations filled with unexpected moments while providing celebrity insight – creating a dynamic viewing experience for audiences at home and overseas alike.

Authorial Ventures

Andy Cohen has proven his prowess as an author by penning several New York Times best sellers, such as “Most Talkative” and “The Andy Cohen Diaries”. These memoirs give an inside glimpse of TV life with entertaining stories and personal reflections by Andy himself – as well as providing greater understanding into pop culture and fame from Andy’s point of view.

Advocacy and Personal Triumphs

Andy has long been a vocal champion for LGBTQ+ rights, using his platform to support and advance community causes. This was acknowledged when Time magazine recognized him as one of their 100 Most Influential people for 2020. On a more personal front, his journey into fatherhood through surrogacy has made headlines and highlighted his position as a loving parent to two children he now shares custody with.

Real Estate Acquisitions

Andy has also shown himself adept at investing wisely in real estate, possessing both luxurious combined units in Manhattan’s West Village and oceanfront properties in the Hamptons that demonstrate his keen sense of prime locations and success in business.


Andy Cohen’s distinguished media career stands as testament to both his versatility and influence within media circles. From producing award-winning shows, hosting groundbreaking talk shows, writing best-selling books and making an indelible mark on television culture, Andy continues to make significant contributions that shape entertainment landscape. Andy remains one of the foremost media mavericks.

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