Bryce Harper Wife Who Is Bryce Harper Married To?

Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies right fielder has become one of Major League Baseball (MLB)’s most engaging figures with both his remarkable athletic achievements and personal relationships. Married to Kayla Harper – their journey together has been as captivating as Bryce’s athletic accomplishments! Now expecting their third child together, let us delve into these lives from early days through joys and challenges of parenthood together.

Early Beginnings

At their onset, Bryce and Kayla Harper met in Henderson, Nevada while attending separate high schools; yet shared an affinity for sports and their community. Bryce became known among his classmates as “LeBron James of baseball”, showing early promise which ultimately lead him to becoming first overall pick in MLB draft in 2010. Kayla excelled in soccer; receiving team MVP accolades as well as state title victories during her high school days.

Career Highlights and Challenges

Since his MLB debut, Bryce Harper has exceeded all expectations and established new standards of professional athleticism. His accolades include multiple National League MVP awards as well as his groundbreaking $330 million contract with the Phillies that set a new standard in professional sports. Off the field however, Bryce has had his share of drama and excitement; initially his engagement to Kayla ended abruptly in 2014 before eventually reconciling two years later to provide Bryce with stability and inspiration in his life and career – an acknowledgement Bryce often expresses in his career talks about her support!

Family Life and Values

The Harpers have built an energetic family life founded upon faith and close-knit relationships. Their marriage took place at San Diego Church of Latter-day Saints Temple to symbolize how important religious belief was in their marriage ceremony, followed by two babies announced with joyous beachside photos shared via social media; later added Wrigley (their beloved Morkie who often features in family outings or social media updates)!

Advocacy and Community Involvement

Kayla Harper goes beyond being just an accommodating partner; she stands as an outspoken supporter of her family and can often be found present at Bryce’s games, often publicly standing up against overzealous fans to emphasize respect over rivalry. Additionally, they participate in charity and community events, showing they value giving back to those that help support them.


Mes Bryce and Kayla Harper represent a modern sports family – successfully managing high-profile careers while at the same time tending to their family life and maintaining values-driven ethics in public. Their journey continues to inspire fans and families alike and proves that success should always be shared among loved ones.

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