Carol Burnett Net Worth How Rich Is Carol Burnett?

Carol Burnett is one of the premier names in comedy and entertainment, boasting an extraordinary career that spans six decades. Renowned for her charisma, charm, and comedic timing – as well as estimated net worth estimated at $45 Million! – Burnett rose from hardship in childhood to become an internationally celebrated comedian/actress thanks to both hard work and talent. Her journey is testament to resilience as much as it is talent!

Trailblazing Television Career

Carol Burnett made an immense mark on entertainment through “The Carol Burnett Show,” her ground-breaking variety sketch program from 1967-1978 that set new standards in variety sketch shows hosted by women. Celebrated for both its creativity and humor, Burnett won 23 Emmy Awards during its run – solidifying her place as an industry pioneer for women in comedy production and comedy performance.

Accolades and Honors

Carol Burnett’s work has garnered her many prestigious honors, such as six Primetime Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award and most notably, in 2005 she was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush. Later that same year (2013) was recognized with The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor; reflecting her legacy on television further, Golden Globe Awards introduced in 2019 an inaugural Carol Burnett Award that recognized outstanding contributions to television in honour of this legendary figure and received it herself! Her acceptance only cements Burnett’s legendary status further.

Ventures in Real Estate

Carol Burnett has made significant investments in real estate over her lifetime, purchasing two ocean-view houses – purchased for $2 million initially – in Montecito and later listed for $36 million due to market appreciation caused by notable neighbors such as Oprah Winfrey. Furthermore, Carol sold her Trump Tower apartment in 2008 as well as Los Angeles apartment later on demonstrating her ability to make smart real estate investments at prime locations.

Personal Life and Legacy

In addition to her professional experiences, Burnett’s life experiences have profoundly shaped both as an artist and as an individual. Raised largely by her grandmother due to their parents’ alcoholism struggles, Burnett overcame early hardships with resilience and grace before marrying three times before finding love with Brian Miller whom she married in 2001. Challenges she overcame such as drug addiction in her daughter have given depth and resonance to Burnett’s performances that resonated with audiences worldwide.


Carol Burnett’s career serves not just as an account of personal success but as a blueprint for emerging comics and entertainers looking to break into show business. Her ability to combine humor with empathy and resilience remains an inspiration to those looking to break through in this competitive field of entertainment. Although now relatively private in her life choices, Burnett continues to leave an indelible mark through television programs she created as well as comedy sketches as well as charitable endeavors she supported over her lifetime–making her one of America’s great cultural icons of cultural history!

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