Channing Crowder Wife Who Is Channing Crowder Married To?

Aja Crowder has long been recognized beyond real estate circles and reality TV fandom. She married former NFL linebacker Channing Crowder and quickly found a niche as both dynamic realtor and television personality – transitioning from advertising world to reality TV spotlight with ambition, resilience, and versatility on full display! In this article we investigate Aja’s professional journey, personal experiences and impact both on- and off-screen.

An Engaging Early Life

Born June 10th 1986 in Miami Florida and raised by Alesia Crowder as part of her nurturing environment that combined strict discipline with love and support from family, Aja Crowder’s early education was marked by exceptional athleticism – especially tennis which she played throughout high school years and continued into Howard University where she eventually graduated with an advertising and marketing degree in 2012.

Transition into Real Estate

After several years in advertising and working with top companies such as Coca-Cola and Universal Studios, Aja made her way into real estate as an outlet to use her marketing skills to great effect. Based out of South Florida, she specializes in athlete relocation services with tailored solutions suited specifically for sports professionals relocating. Aja has combined an in-depth understanding of real estate with knowledge about professional athlete lifestyles to become one of South Florida’s premier realtors in this niche market.

Reality TV Stardom

Aja Crowder was an obvious fit for reality television due to her charisma and poise, appearing on shows such as “Baller Wives” and “I Am Athlete,” where her role extended far beyond being Channing Crowder’s partner. On these platforms she discussed topics ranging from family life challenges to professional ones; offering insightful perspectives which resonated with a varied audience. Her presence on these shows not only expanded her career opportunities but also cemented her reputation as a thoughtful media personality.

Family and Personal Life

Aja’s personal life is as rewarding as her professional journey. Since marrying Channing Crowder on April 23, 2011, they have shared three children – Channing III, Ava Milan and Chaz Lee Randolph – together with deep community ties throughout Miami as reflected by public appearances, community involvement efforts and television appearances where her marriage with him can often be seen being showcased – which offer viewers an inside glimpse of a life filled with mutual respect and affection between both partners.

Empower Through Real Estate

Beyond television, Aja Crowder makes her real mark in real estate through daily interactions with clients in the market. Her dedication to helping clients make informed decisions and personalizing service demonstrates why so many clients trust Aja as their realtor – her Instagram profile (@ajacrowderrealtor) serves as testament of this professionalism: with listings, client testimonials and helpful tips for buyers and sellers featured therein.


Aja Crowder’s journey is one of transformation and success. From her high school tennis courts to reality TV sets and South Florida real estate markets, Aja has proven that with perseverance and adaptability one can navigate multiple worlds gracefully and make an impactful mark across them all. She continues to inspire many through her dedication to profession, family and community-making her an acclaimed figure both professionally as well as on reality TV

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