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Wrestling brought Brandi and Cody Rhodes, two powerhouses known for their prowess in the ring. Their paths crossed during 2011 while working for WWE with Cody’s father Dusty playing an active part in NXT wrestling; Dusty first noticed Brandi’s potential and even created an entire promo around her eyes before Cody realized this might just be his future wife being introduced by his own father!

How did They Meet Each Other?

Nearly 10 years later, Brandi and Cody are married, sharing glimpses into their lives on the wrestling circuit through reality series such as “Rhodes to the Top” and “WAGS: Atlanta.” Their journey from colleagues to life partners speaks to both their shared passion for wrestling as well as a profound personal bond between themselves.

Brandi Rhodes (born Brandi Alexis Reed), prior to entering WWE, was an Olympic figure skater from Canton, Michigan with Olympic dreams who eventually turned her attention toward television journalism at University of Miami and worked as news anchor and model before making her WWE debut in 2011.

How Did Brandi and Cody’s Relationship Explode?

Brandi and Cody began their romantic story within one year after meeting, despite Brandi’s initial hesitation to date a coworker. On their third date to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Brandi finally accepted Cody as her ideal partner – becoming their annual tradition together! They share an affinity for horror-related attractions together as part of what became an annual date tradition between them both.

When Did Brandi and Cody Exchange Vows?

Brandi and Cody met through mutual friends during college and were engaged shortly thereafter, leading them to exchange vows in November 2012. On September 12, 2013 at Swan House and Atlanta History Center they exchanged their wedding vows, Brandi dazzling in a Lazaro gown while Cody looked dapper in classic black tie attire.

What Are Brandi Rhodes’ Wrestling Accomplishments?

Brandi has made history throughout her wrestling career. In 2015, she made history as the first Black woman ring announcer at WrestleMania; since then, she has continued breaking barriers in independent wrestling circuits such as New Japan Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom event; moreover she was appointed All Elite Wrestling (AEW) chief brand officer a year later, marking the first Black woman executive position within any North American wrestling operation.

How Has Brandi Overcome Challenges in Her Career?

Brandi Rhodes-Finkler has faced significant obstacles related to being associated with her Rhodes family legacy, yet still managed to find success due to her determination and resilience. She attributes much of this success to their dedication in wrestling as she works harder every day to prove herself worthy and make an impressionful mark in wrestling – two hallmarks of success which helped secure Brandi’s place as one of her family’s legacy members.

What Are Brandi and Cody Up To Now?

Cody and Brandi welcomed Liberty Iris Runnels into their lives on June 20, 2021, which proved a life-altering event for both of them – Cody admitting fatherhood was something he hadn’t anticipated! Additionally, Brandi’s recent departure from AEW gave her more freedom and flexibility in prioritizing family time.

How has Brandi Managed Postpartum Depression?

Brandi is speaking openly about her postpartum depression struggles to help other parents face similar difficulties and increase awareness about an often ignored topic. Her honesty and openness has struck a cord with many, drawing light onto an often neglected problem.

What Are Brandi Rhodes’ Future Plans?

Brandi may no longer compete professionally wrestling but her passion for fitness remains strong. She plans on opening her own yoga and pilates studio, along with an app providing virtual workouts – an endeavor which continues to inspire many outside the wrestling ring.

Brandi and Cody Rhodes’ story from meeting as wrestlers to building a family and embarking on new ventures together is one of love, resilience, and advancement. Through shared experiences both inside and outside of the ring they have cemented their bonds of affection making them one of the strongest couples in wrestling and beyond.

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