Damian Lillard Wife Who Is Damian Lillard Married To?

Damian Lillard has long been revered in the NBA as both an outstanding basketball player and personal persona. However, recent headlines were cast upon Lillard when he announced his intention to file for divorce from Kay’la Hanson; their college sweetheart and two year wife whom they wed and which gave birth during that timeframe. In this piece we take an in depth look into their journey – from college days, marriage, child birthing process as well as the dissolution of their marital union due to Lillard filing for divorce proceedings against her.

College Sweethearts

Damian Lillard and Kay’la Hanson’s story began at Weber State University in Utah where both studied. Lillard, an up-and-coming basketball star, met Hanson who studied nursing. As they navigated college life together they developed deeper romantic ties – Hanson often providing essential support while Lillard pursued his sports career with ease.

Delightful Family Moments

Their longstanding romance resulted in marriage in September 2021 at an idyllic outdoor ceremony held in Montecito, California. Over time they welcomed three children – first Damian Jr in 2018, followed by twin girls Kalii and Kali in January 2021 – which brought immense joy for fans and followers of both families alike. All shared these incredible family milestones via fans and followers with pride highlighting how truly close these growing families were becoming together.

Business Ventures and Support

Hanson was no stranger to business ventures: in 2019, she co-founded Dipped Nails near Portland as her inaugural solo business endeavor while supporting Lillard through both sports career pursuits and personal ventures – such as his recovery from an abdominal injury which she played an instrumental part in treating in 2021. Hanson played an especially crucial part during Lillard’s recovery – her presence and encouragement being key components in his successful recovery from this incident.

Unexpected Turns

However, marital bliss did not last as hoped; Lillard filed for divorce on October 20, citing irreconcilable differences that caused what he saw as irremediable breakdown of their marriage. Lillard’s filing revealed the depths behind their public persona of loving coupleship as well as highlighting some of the pressures and difficulties public figures encounter when managing personal lives.

Retracing Love and Growth

Over their relationship’s duration, both Hanson and Lillard shared insights into their personal growth as individuals as well as its dynamics within their relationship. In particular, Lillard often spoke highly of Hanson, regarding her as his closest ally and key figure in his life – even during what proved a challenging period, the respect and love between the pair was undiminished over the years.


Damian Lillard and Kay’la Hanson’s relationship was one many could identify with from its intimations to its difficult conclusion, providing an account that many could follow and relate to. Though celebrities might portray celebrity relationships as fairy-tale-esque affairs, their story reveals more nuanced tales of love, support, personal development and ultimately separation. Today both individuals focus on professional endeavors while upholding family commitment through co-parenting their children; underscoring its value during its prime.

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