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Kim Jae Han, better known by his online alias Daud Kim, has long been the subject of substantial public discourse and debate over his character and intentions. First famous through YouTube for documenting his conversion journey from Christianity to Islam, Daud Kim has since faced serious allegations ranging from sexual misconduct to domestic abuse that have rocked his career path and caused intense discussions both online and off.

Conversion and Controversy

Kim’s 2019 conversion to Islam was initially met with praise from followers online and an increase in online following; however, subsequent revelations regarding his pre-conversion activities quickly soured public perception. Within just months after making this religious transformation, an accuser accused Kim of attempted rape (evidenced via video captured at an incident she captured and uploaded onto TikTok), and made public. Kim issued a public apology admitting drunken behaviour which resulted in blackout; however his subsequent actions including deleteing his apology only deepened public mistrust further.

Public Response and Backlash

In response to these allegations, public response and backlash quickly ensued with many Kim’s followers advocating for his redemption after recently becoming Muslim, while others demanded accountability and considered his actions unforgivable. These divisions only deepened as additional incidents surfaced including domestic abuse allegations as well as inappropriate behaviors which contradicted his public persona as a devout Muslim.

Questionable Commitment

One aspect of Kim’s public profile that complicates matters further is skepticism surrounding his commitment to Islamic teachings. Instances where he clubbed and drank post-conversion have led some critics to charge that his conversion may have been more of an attempt at gainful follower gain than an authentic spiritual awakening experience; further evidenced by reports claiming he entered Mecca using false documents; these accusations of performative religiosity being further compounded by lack of recognition by Korean Muslim Association members.

Ongoing Influence

In spite of recent controversy surrounding Kim, his YouTube channel continues to draw significant viewership. His content — often covering his life as a Muslim, travels and personal insights — still receives hundreds of thousands of views per video; an example of public figures managing both their personal faith and public scrutiny in digital space.


Daud Kim is an effective reminder of the pressures and obligations placed upon public figures living in an age dominated by social media. While his followers continue to support him, allegations made against him shed light on tensions between public persona and private actions; and these discussions about redemption, accountability and authenticity in digital space.

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