Devion Cromwell, All About Floyd Mayweather Son, Who Was Adopted

Devion Cromwell is best-known as Floyd Mayweather’s adopted son and was born in 1996 to parents of African American and White heritage respectively in the US. Growing up alongside Floyd’s biological children has marked him as an individual with mixed ethnic heritage who continues to follow in his father’s footsteps today.

What Do We Know about Devion Cromwell’s Natural Father?

Unfortunately, Devion’s biological father remains unknown despite Melissa Brim giving birth at just 19 years of age. Though there may not be many details known regarding who his biological father may have been, what we do know for sure is that Devion was raised with love from both Melissa Brim and Floyd Mayweather during his formative years.

Is Floyd Mayweather His Father?

Floyd played an influential role in Devion’s upbringing; however he isn’t biologically his biological father. Floyd adopted Devion when Melissa Brim began dating Floyd and raised him like his own child for 10 years of comfort and privilege.

Does Devion Cromwell Have Any Siblings?

Devion Cromwell had four siblings growing up – Iyanna Mayweather (born to his mother and Floyd), Jirah Zion Shamaree and Koraun. Although not often seen together with them, Devion and his three biological siblings share an extremely close bond and it is thought they often interact socially together.

What Challenges Has He Faced?

Devion’s life has not been without challenges. In 2015, Floyd Mayweather was reported as having choked him during an altercation, prompting widespread outrage but not pressing charges against his adoptive father. Additionally, Iyanna was arrested following an alleged stabbing incident adding additional controversy within their family dynamic.

Where Does Devion Cromwell Fit In?

In recent years, Devion Cromwell has maintained a low profile compared to his siblings; however, he remains active on Instagram where he showcases his luxurious lifestyle. While not being as visible within his Mayweather family unit as other members may be, Devion continues to live an extravagant yet luxurious life of comfort and ease.

Devion Cromwell’s life has been profoundly altered by his association with one of boxing’s legendary figures: Floyd Mayweather. Despite controversies and challenges associated with being part of such an influential family while remaining relatively low profile. As his journey unfolds further it will be interesting to observe its development over time.

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