Elisa Jordana Net Worth How Much is Elisa Jordana Worth?

Elisa Ann Schwartz, commonly referred to by her professional name Elisa Jordana, is an American superstar in radio, TV, music writing and digital talk shows. Born June 30 in Old Bridge New Jersey on June 30 1988; Jordana has become an established force thanks to her multifaceted skillset and career journey spanning radio, TV, music writing and digital talk shows. This piece sheds light on all these areas by detailing Jordana’s journey, contributions and resilience within the entertainment world.

Early Musical Ventures

Jordana began her musical journey by taking early piano lessons. This eventually led her to enroll at Berklee College of Music before entering New York music scene with confidence and strength. Though facing criticism about physical appearance as well as harsh realities of industry life, she persisted by joining band Cobra Starship; experiencing both touring successes as well as industry prejudices showed Jordana’s dedication and perseverance for art.

Transition into Broadcasting

Elisa Jordana’s career took an important leap when she joined Howard Stern Radio Show as a writer from 2011-2015 as she marked her entry into broadcasting world. Here she developed both personally and professionally by honing writing skills while learning media production basics that laid a foundation for future endeavors.

Engaging Comedy

Following her time with Cobra Starship, Jordana began exploring comedy as both an artistic release and professional path. Though receiving criticism from industry peers – such as an unfortunate comment by Jimmy Kimmel – Jordana persevered; eventually creating “Kermit and Friends”, an online talk show which showcases her humor, resilience, and ability to engage audiences.

Literary Contributions

Jordana has made her mark through writing; contributing to various esteemed publications with stories drawn from her experiences and insights. Under Susan Shapiro’s mentorship and platforms such as XOJane and Marie Claire she showcases an insightful viewpoint and dedication to expressing authentic narratives.

Expanding Horizons

Jordana sought new professional challenges as she strived for growth. In 2018, she joined Patti Stanger as booking consultant – adding yet another aspect of diversity into her varied career and showing she could adapt quickly when confronted by new opportunities and take on fresh challenges head-on.

A Remarkable Net Worth

Elisa Jordana has amassed an estimated net worth of $500 thousand through hard work, versatility and the diverse income streams from ventures like music broadcasting comedy writing consulting services and music publishing. Elisa’s net worth not only showcases her financial success but also her resilience when dealing with the often complex entertainment industry.


Elisa Jordana has left us a striking example of talent, perseverance and adaptability through her diverse journey from music through broadcasting, comedy and writing – from early days in music through broadcasting, comedy and writing endeavors – from broadcasting comedy writing. Jordana not only achieved personal achievement through hard work; her journey also serves as an inspirational tale that illustrates resilience and versatility when following one’s passions despite obstacles or difficulties encountered along the way. Through continued endeavors her influence within entertainment will only grow stronger thanks to her dynamic career which made an lasting mark – testament of which will remain long term impact within its pages.

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