Erivan Haub Net Worth How Much Is Erivan Haub Worth?

Erivan Haub was an influential German businessman whose leadership transformed Tengelmann Group into an industry powerhouse in retail. Retiring in 2018, with an estimated net worth of over $5 Billion at his death, Haub became widely respected throughout international business for his strategic acquisitions and focus on expansion – leaving a lasting mark through the involvement of his family with Tengelmann Group’s business operations today.

Early Life and Education.

Erivan Haub was born September 29th 1932 in Wiesbaden Germany and began his formative years demonstrating an increasing passion for economics and business management. At University of Hamburg he earned a degree in Economics. Additionally he did two internships in America that provided him with more practical insight into retail management practices.

Asserting to Leadership

Haub first joined Tengelmann Group – a family-run business – as an apprentice under his uncle Karl Schmitz-Scholl until his passing away in 1969 and Haub took over his management of this organization, becoming its managing director and making numerous strategic decisions that expanded its influence and reach significantly.

Strategic Expansion

Erivan Haub led Tengelmann Group through its most significant period of growth and expansion during Erivan Haub’s leadership, starting with their acquisition of Kaiser’s grocery store in 1971, when an aggressive expansion plan kicked in; then in 1974 when Plus, an affordable discount grocery chain, was founded – this helped set them apart from competitors by realizing their potential and giving Tengelmann its unique competitive edge.

Haub used this period of expansion as an opportunity for international growth and achieved it by purchasing The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in 1979 – an American supermarket chain. His acquisition demonstrated both his ambitious global vision as well as his abilities at managing large scale operations on multiple continents.

Legacy and Philanthropy

Erivan Haub was honored for his contributions to business and society when the Erivan K. Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University was named after him. This tribute honored not only Haub as an influential business figure; but also his dedication to education and environmental conservation through charitable giving efforts he supported as part of philanthropy. His efforts supported several causes like education reform as well as environmental conservation through donations he provided in lieu of gifts in 1988.

Continue the Family Legacy

Karl-Erivan Haub took on leadership of Tengelmann Group as Co-CEO until 2000, when Karl-Erivan’s son took over, ushering in a new era for Tengelmann Group and its subsequent subsidiaries. Erivan then assumed a supervisory board seat to continue shaping company strategy while Christian W. E. Haub continues playing an essential part of family business as Co-CEO of Tengelmann and Chairman of Emil Capital Partners of Greenwich Connecticut respectively.


Erivan Haub left an indelible mark on retail industry through his business acumen and visionary leadership. With strategic expansions, cutting-edge practices, and unfaltering dedication, Erivan enhanced Tengelmann Group value while setting standards in retail management and growth. Today his legacy lives on through his family members who ensure his values continue to guide Tengelmann Group’s future – truly standing him out as one of business’ iconic figures.

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