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Gorden Glenn: Leading Minnova Corporation to Success

Gorden Glenn leads Minnova Corp as its Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer. With more than two decades of experience in financial markets encompassing mining finance, mergers & acquisitions, project valuation, geology as well as geothermal studies under his belt he is instrumental in driving Minnova Corp’s growth and success.

Gorden Glenn has made an impressionful mark on the mining industry through his vast experience and strategic leadership at Minnova Corp, from financial management to overseeing geological explorations and overseeing geophysics explorations. Under Glenn’s helm, Minnova Corp has seen great progress toward meeting its goals while increasing shareholder value.

What Is Gorden Glenn’s Compensation Plan?

Gorden Glenn receives total compensation of CAD$386,174 as the top executive at Minnova Corp, reflecting both his responsibilities and contributions to its growth within a highly-competitive mining industry. His pay represents his worth as an executive.

Minnova Corp is an active participant in the mining sector, specialising in mineral acquisition and exploration. Their flagship projects are the PL Gold mine in Peru as well as Nokomis property located there; both feature significant potential mineral discoveries or developments and hold key importance to Minnova operations.

As originally known as Auriga Gold Corp, Minnova Corporation underwent a name change to Minnova Corp in June 2014. This signified a significant milestone in their history as it highlighted their shifting objectives within the mining industry since incorporation. Since 1994, Minnova has devoted themselves to exploring and exploiting mineral deposits based out of Toronto in Canada – with headquarters residing there too!

Minnova’s Logo

Minnova Corp’s logo serves as an effective representation of its brand in the mining sector, representing their values, emphasis, innovation, and sustainable mining practices. A logo plays an essential role in branding recognition within an industry sector.

Gorden Glenn’s leadership and expertise have been integral components of Minnova Corp’s journey in the mining sector. Serving as Chairman, President, and CEO, his role has seen him navigate Minnova through challenges and opportunities with an eye towards growth and value creation – evidenced through exploration and development projects in Peru showcasing potential success; going forward his vision and strategic guidance will remain central components of its endeavors in mining sector endeavors.

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