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Hodgy Beats (Gerard Long), better known by his stage name Hodgy Beats is an esteemed American rapper known for his innovative contributions to hip-hop culture. Born November 9, 1990 in Trenton, New Jersey – Hodgy made waves within music both through solo projects as well as being part of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) and MellowHype collectives and duos.

Early Career and OFWGKTA

Hodgy first made his mark on music through “The Odd Future Tape,” an eight-track EP released by Los Angeles-based collective OFWGKTA that featured eclectic, boundary-pushing sounds. Hodgy played an integral part in shaping this collective with Tyler the Creator as its primary figurehead and quickly rose to become famous for its raw yet unapologetic approach to sound production.

MellowHype and MellowHigh

Hodgy first made waves as part of OFWGKTA by joining forces with producer Left Brain as MellowHype. Their collaboration resulted in their album Numbers making an 8th place debut on US R&B/Hip-Hop charts, showing off Hodgy’s talent at marrying intricate lyrics with captivating beats. Soon thereafter he expanded his repertoire by joining Domo Genesis and Left Brain under MellowHigh releasing another album that further showed their abilities as artists.

Personal Life and Collaborations.

Hodgy Beats has earned widespread renown for both his musical prowess and close collaborations and relationships within the music industry. “Trenton,” produced with Courtney Brown as part of their longstanding collaboration, showcases their ability to incorporate personal elements into his compositions to add authenticity and emotional depth into their songs. Hodgy’s personal life (particularly relationships and partnerships) continues to intrigue his fans although these details tend to stay behind closed doors.

Artistic Impact and Legacy Preservation.

Hodgy Beats stands taller than 6 feet at 6 feet 3 inches, yet his influence in music reaches far beyond recordings alone. As part of OFWGKTA he helped define early 2010s hip-hop; as an artist his legacy stands out by pushing traditional boundaries of hip hop music while continually pushing to explore uncharted territory; making him an influential part of its evolution.

Birth and Astrological Significance.

Hodgy was born during an eventful historical time period that provided him with an intriguing backdrop to his life and music career. Under Scorpio and Chinese Zodiac Horse influences, Hodgy manifested traits of determination and dynamic presence evident both musically and publicly – qualities which can be found both through Trenton NJ which marked his startpoint, but also as part of his identity (for instance in “Trenton”) through songs like “Trenton.”


Hodgy Beats continues to excite and influence the music industry through his innovative hip-hop sound and commitment to artistic innovation. His rise from Trenton, NJ as a rising talent to becoming an essential member of one of today’s most talked about musical collectives shows his great influence over contemporary music; while Hodgy continues his professional development his contributions will add greater depth and complexity to an already rich tapestry that makes up global musical landscape.

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