How To Add Folder Android Discover The All Facts Here?

The way you organize the files and apps that you have on your Android device can greatly enhance the user experience, giving you the ability to locate items you require fast. The creation of folders on the home screen can be an easy and effective method to control the chaos. This article offers a complete instruction on how to create or rename files on an Android phone.

Create Home Screen Folders

In order to organize your applications in folders that you can place on your Android home screen You can follow these steps:

1. Locate the Apps Choose the apps that are you have on your home screen and that you wish to combine.

2. Group apps Press and hold one of the apps and then drag it onto another application you wish to group with. After you have released your app, a brand new folder will be automatically created with each app.

3. Access the Folder Then, tap the newly created folder, then open it to see the apps within it.

Customize Folder Names

Android usually uses a generic name when it names folders that are created based on the applications they house. But, modifying the folder name may help make it more easily recognizable and easily accessible

1. Open the Folder Hold and tap the folder you would like to name.

2. Begin Renaming: In the menu that pops up, choose “Rename.”

3. “Set New Name Type in your desired file name and confirm it by pressing “OK.”

Adding Apps to Folders

If you already have an account, you may like to add additional applications in it.

1. Find an App Browse to your screen at home or in the app drawer to locate additional apps that you’d like to put in the folder.

2. Drag and Drop Click and hold the app you want to use, and then drag it to the folder. Let the app go to drop it in the folder.

Removing Applications from Folders

If you have to take an application from a folder, there are several options to do so:

1. Open the Folder Click the folder to view all apps within it.

2. Drag the App Out: To delete the app remove it, drag it out of the folder to the main screen.

3. Alternate Method of Removal Alternately, press and hold the application you would like to delete, then click “Remove” from the menu after which you must confirm. The action will remove the app from the folder, but it doesn’t put it back on the main screen.


Understanding how to utilize folders in your Android device will significantly improve the experience of using it, and keep your home screen tidy and tidy. With these actions, you’ll be able alter the user interface of your device so that it is more suited to your requirements and improve both function as well as appearance. If you’re organizing apps according to kind, use, or some other criteria they are an effective device for controlling your online workspace.

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