How To Block Calls But Not Texts on Iphone Read All Facts Here?

Modern smartphones, like the iPhone, are packed with features that can be customized to the user’s needs. These options are sometimes difficult to use. One of these features is the ability to manage communication preferences. Specifically, how to block texts while still allowing calls. This guide offers a simple way to achieve the balance iPhone users are looking for.

Discover iPhone settings

You can use the iPhone’s built-in features to stop calls and texts without affecting your iPhone. How to do it?

1. Open Settings: Locate the Settings icon in your Home Screen and click it.

2. Navigate to phone: Scroll until you see the option “Phone”. Select it.

3. Access Blocked Calls: Depending on the iPhone model, this area may be called “Blocked contacts” or “Call blocking & identification.”

4. Block contacts: Click on “Add new” and select the contact from your list that you want to block. The selected contact will no longer be able to call you.

You can block the contact’s phone number, but you will still receive text messages.

Use the Phone App

You can also block calls directly from the App:

1. Click on “Phone”, the icon that appears on your screen.

2. Find the number of the person you wish to block in your Recent Calls list.

3. Block the caller: Select “Block This Caller” by scrolling down, and tapping the info icon beside the number of the contact. You must confirm your selection.

The method blocks all calls, but you can still receive texts sent by the person who is blocked. This way, important messages are not missed.

Take into account third-party apps

Third-party apps such as iBlacklist are useful for users that need customized features, or who have older iPhone models which do not support some functionalities. This method requires additional steps, and it may even require you to jailbreak your iPhone. There are risks involved, such as the voiding of warranties or security vulnerabilities.

1. Download iBlacklist: Available in the Cydia App Store, iBlacklist provides comprehensive features for managing texts and calls.

2. Set up the app: Open the application after installation and go to the main page. Access the section for blocked contacts.

3. Import contacts: Click the “Import contacts” button to remove multiple contacts or click the “+ sign” to manually add contacts.

This method is effective but should only be employed with care due to its implications.


You should never compromise on your communication by limiting who you can text or call. iPhone users have several options to customize their settings for text and call blocking. They can still receive texts while blocking unwanted calls. Users have several ways to control their interactions with the phone, whether it’s through built-in iPhone features, the Phone App, or third-party software like iBlacklist. Understanding and using these techniques will allow you to enjoy a personalized, interruption-free experience on your mobile device.

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