How To Delete An App On LG Phone Get Complete Details?

It can be difficult to manage storage space on your LG phone, particularly when the device becomes overloaded with apps that are no longer used. Knowing how to delete apps is important, whether your device runs slowly due to the apps or you just want to organise your content. This guide will show you three ways to delete apps on your LG smartphone. The methods are designed to ensure that the data and apps associated with them is completely deleted.

Utilizing Android Assistant

Android Assistant simplifies managing your LG smartphone apps for Windows users and Mac OS users. It is especially useful when you have apps which are hard to remove directly from the device. How to Use It:

1. Connection setup Connect your LG smartphone to your computer via a USB cord. Install Android Assistant on your computer, and then enable USB debugging in your phone so that the computer can detect the device.

2. App Management Once the software has been installed and your phone connected, you will see an easy-to-use interface that displays your device’s list of apps. You can uninstall any app with a single click. The tool allows you to download new apps straight from your computer, or export any existing ones for backup.

Permanently deleting with App Eraser

Android App Eraser can be a great choice for those looking to permanently delete all data and traces associated with an app. The tool will remove any data associated with the app, protecting privacy and freeing storage space. How to use the tool:

1. Establish connection Launch Android App Eraser and connect the LG via USB. It is possible that you will need to download additional software, such as MobileGo Connector for a successful connect.

2. The tool will then scan your device. Select “Erase all data” to permanently delete apps and the associated data. It is important to back up any data before performing this action, as it will be irreversible.

Direct Uninstallation Method

You can remove apps from your LG directly without using any external software. It’s quick and simple:

1. Access Settings Open “Settings”, tap “Apps and notifications”, then choose “App Info”. You will find a complete list of installed applications.

2. Tap the “Uninstall Apps” button after you have located the app that you want to uninstall. Click “OK” to confirm your decision. It will remove the app, but some files might still be left on your device.


It’s not difficult to delete apps on your LG smartphone. You can choose from a variety of solutions, depending on your requirements. The Android Assistant offers a complete management solution, while the Android App Eraser removes all data. You can improve the performance of your device by keeping its storage space clean and well-organized.

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