How To Delete Channels On Samsung TV Explore All Details?

Samsung TV has a variety of streaming services that are free, such as Samsung TV Plus. This service offers an impressive 90 live channels on demand. There are channels for cartoons, comedy and news as well as documentaries. Not all channels will suit your needs or preferences. This guide will show you how to delete unnecessary channels on your Samsung TV and customize your viewing experience.

Customize the Channel Selection

It is important to understand how to manage the channels on your Samsung TV. How to remove specific channels from Samsung TV

1. Press the “Home” button to start. Navigate to Samsung TV Plus and select “channel list.”

2. The “Edit Channels option is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Select the channels to be removed by checking the boxes beside the channels. Once you have made your selections, click the “Delete” option.

4. Confirm Deletion A confirmation popup will appear. Select the delete option to confirm your decision.

These steps will allow you to maintain a lineup of channels that suits your tastes, eliminating content that’s not appropriate for children or you don’t find interesting.

Total Cleanup Option

Follow these steps if you want to reset your channels or lock the app to prevent future use.

1. Full channel deletion: Press “Home” on your remote to access Samsung TV Plus. Select “Channel List”, then “Edit Channels”, and select the checkbox next to Samsung TV Plus.

2. Press the options button, choose lock/unlock, enter your PIN, and select the Samsung TV Plus app (also listed as Rakuten in some regions). Enter your PIN and press the lock/unlock button. Select the Samsung TV Plus App (also known as Rakuten or Rakuten Plus in some regions).

This will ensure that you can’t access any channels unless and until you reactivate the app.

Unsubscribe from Channels

Follow these steps to delete scrambled channels (channels you don’t subscribe to):

1. Navigate to Broadcasting Settings: Press your menu button, select broadcast and then find the channel settings.

2. Clear scrambled channel: Select this option to remove the scrambled channels. This may take several minutes.

You can free up some space by removing the channels and streamlining your list. Only those channels that are active or subscribed will remain.

Reduce intrusive ads

You can disable Samsung TV Plus if you feel that certain channels are displaying excessive advertising.

1. Find the Samsung TV Plus App by pressing the Home button.

2. Disable the app by scrolling to the option to remove or move it, selecting remove and then disabling the app.

This will remove the app’s icon from your homescreen, reducing the amount of ads that are displayed during your viewing.


You can enhance your Samsung TV viewing experience by customizing it. This includes removing unwanted channels and disabling Samsung TV Plus. Follow these steps to ensure your TV displays only content you and your family find interesting and relevant. These methods are effective for creating a more personal entertainment system. They can be used to reduce clutter, protect children from inappropriate content or minimize annoying ads.

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