How To Get Android Pay To Work With Root All Things You Need To Know?

The rooting of your phone can open an array of options and give you the ability to access features and customize outside of the limitations set by the manufacturer. But, it is not without a cost in particular in the case of sensitive apps like banking or applications for payment. In this piece we’ll look at how you can overcome the difficulties of rooting and still be in a position to utilize Android Pay, Google’s digital wallet system that is rooted on your device.

Understanding Android Pay

The service was previously called Android Pay, Google’s digital wallet allows customers to keep debit and credit cards in a secure way on Android gadgets. Through the feature of tapping-to-pay it is possible to purchase at both stores and on the internet, easing the payment procedure. Although Google has shifted to Google Wallet as well as Google Pay however the basic idea is the same: it’s a simple option to handle and process payment online.

Challenges with Rooted Devices

One of the major issues with devices that are rooted is compatibility with specific apps particularly those dealing confidential information such as financial transactions. Payment and banking apps typically use security tools to detect the devices that have been rooted and block the devices from working, citing possible security issues. This creates a challenge for those who want to reap the benefits of rooting, but not lose accessibility to vital applications such as Android Pay.

Overcoming Compatibility Issues

In order to address problems of compatibility between devices with root as well as Android Pay, Android users are able to utilize various methods to block the root account from the application. A popular approach is to use Magisk an effective device for controlling the root account and modifying system settings.

Utilizing Magisk Hide

Magisk Hide It’s a function in Magisk Hide, a feature of the Magisk application which allows users to disable root access to specific applications like Android Pay. After turning on Magisk Hide and selecting the appropriate apps, users are able to effectively hide root privileges, making the application believe it’s running on an unrooted device.

Enhancing Magisk Hide for Compatibility

Alongside in addition to the ability to enable Magisk Hide, users can improve the compatibility of Android Pay by hiding root access to Android Play services. This approach is comprehensive and ensures every component involved with payments are not detected by the app, making the seamless operation.

Clearing Data for Android Pay

In some instances, blocking root access could not suffice to get around the detection of Android Pay. If users are having issues that persist, they might need to delete all app information in order to use Android Pay, essentially resetting the settings and settings. This will help to solve any compatibility issues as well as ensure an enjoyable user experience.


The process of rooting your Android device gives you access to opportunities for personalization and features, but it may also pose issues when making use of certain applications for example, like Android Pay. Utilizing tools such as Magisk as well as following the instructions that are described in this post, users are able to resolve difficulties with compatibility, and benefit from the ease of using digital payment with their Android devices that have been rooted. It is important to exercise caution and fully understand the possible dangers involved in rooting, since it could void warranty coverage and affect the security of your device. In the end, the choice of rooting your gadget must be carefully considered, taking into consideration both the advantages and drawbacks it brings.

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