How To Get Persona 5 Royal Theme Ps4 Explore All Details?

Persona 5 Royal is an enhanced edition of Persona 5’s critically-acclaimed RPG. It offers players a richer gaming experience, with new characters, storylines, and gameplay elements. The ability to customize your PlayStation’s interface using exclusive avatars and game themes is one of the most exciting aspects of this game. The additions enhance your setup’s visual appeal, but they also help you connect with the vibrant game world. This guide will show you how to get these avatars and themes, even if your code isn’t available.

Unlock Exclusive Content

Persona 5 Royal avatars and themes are rewards unique to the game that you can unlock as you progress. They aren’t just aesthetic upgrades, they also bring your PlayStation experience to life with stylish visuals and custom sounds. How to get them?

Check your Pmail

Sony often sends out these codes by email, within 14 days after achieving the trophy. You can often find the codes in the Promotions folder of your PlayStation Network account.

Contacting PlayStation Customer Support

You should contact PlayStation Support if you don’t receive your code via email within the time frame.

Click here to access Support

Select “Digital Content”, then “Contact Us” on the PlayStation Support website. To initiate a chat, you’ll need to complete a form that asks for your contact information.

Explain your issue

Tell the Support Team that you have achieved certain trophies within Persona 5 Royal, and had been expecting theme codes and avatar codes to arrive via email. These codes are still not there. You will need to be ready with your Sign-in and Online IDs (emails) to confirm your account.

Code and Resolution

Support team membur codes by clicking on

Select “Redeem Codes”, located at the bottom of your PS4’s menu, when you navigate to “Store”. To unlock themes and avatars, enter the code in exactly the same way as it is provided.

Customize your profile

Click the three-dot menu to get to settings and then select “Edit profile” to change your avatar. Select “Avatar”, to choose from the newly-unlocked options.

Change Your Theme

Change your Persona 5 Royal Theme by going to Settings, selecting “Themes”, and choosing your preferred theme. The fresh music and visuals reflect the overall aesthetics of Persona 5 Royal.


Follow these simple steps to enhance your gaming experience with Persona 5 Royal avatars and themes. These thematic enhancements will enrich the experience of Persona 5 Royal, whether you’re a returning player or a newbie.

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