How To Hit A Stiiizy Pod Without A Battery Explore All Details?

The use of vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking has gained popularity. It allows you to experience different flavors and substances without the risk associated with smoking. The Stiiizy Pods, among the vaping tools, are especially popular for their efficiency and convenience. Sometimes, users find that they are without the battery which powers these devices. In this article, we will show you how to vape without the battery of your Stiiizy pod.

Understanding Stiiizy Pods

The Stiiizy cartridges contain cannabinoid concentrated ready for vaporization. The pods are connected to the battery, which powers the coil and turns the concentrate into vapour. Stiiizy Pods feature a simple plug-and play system that is compatible with Stiiizy Batteries. The pods are designed with standard 510 threaded connections and can be used in a wide range of vape pen models.

The Emergency Vaping Solution

You may lose or malfunction your Vape Battery. Although the best solution is to change the battery, you can still use the Stiiizy pod temporarily. This can be done by using an Android charging cable. Use this method as a temporary solution while you wait for a replacement battery.

The Step by Step Guide without Battery

How to vape using an Android charging cable with a Stiiizy pod:

Gather Your Materials

Gather an Android USB cord that you’re willing to modify. Cut off the USB charging cable that is connected to your Android device. Make sure you have enough cable to connect to a power supply.

Prepare and expose wires

Remove the insulation to expose the wires. Focus on the black and red wires. Remove the wire ends to reveal the conductive materials.

Stiiizy pod Connect the Stiiizy pod

The metal contact is usually located underneath your cartridge. Attach the red cable to it. Connect the black cable to another part of your Stiiizy pod.

Powering Device

Connect the USB cable to a power source that is safe, such as your computer or laptop. Use caution and avoid using a wall outlet directly as it can cause excessive power, which could damage your device or pose a danger.

Start Vaping

Your Stiiizy should now be active. Inhale the Stiiizy pod as you normally would when using a battery.

Safety and considerations

This method is only recommended in an emergency. Unintentionally modifying electronic devices or using them can cause serious problems, such as electrical hazards and damage to the product. The best and safest way to use your Stiiizy is with a battery that has been designed for the device. This ensures correct voltage and power management.


In a pinch, a little ingenuity and innovation can help you out. While not ideal, it is possible to use a Stiiizy without a Battery with some basic electronics knowledge and careful handling. This should be only a temporary fix until you are able to obtain a replacement or new battery. Prioritize safety and integrity when using your device.

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