How To Mirror iPhone To Roku Tv Without Wifi 2 Read All Facts Here?

Mirroring your iPhone on the Roku TV with no WiFi connection is extremely helpful, particularly in cases when you’re not connected to an internet connection that is reliable. This article will guide you through an easy process with the Lightning adapter. It’s a Lightning HDMI adapter, which allows users to show your iPhone’s screen right to the screen of your Roku television. If you’re in an hotel room, an apartment of a relative or at a place with no WiFi This method will ensure you’ll still be able to view pictures, videos, and other apps that you downloaded from your iPhone in a larger display.

Essential Gear: Lightning to HDMI

The first step for mirroring you iPhone onto the Roku TV without WiFi is to get the hardware you need. An Lightning adapter HDMI adapter is your primary device in this regard. Although Apple has its own version, known as the Lightning Digital AV Adapter, there are a variety of alternative options from third parties which could prove cheaper. The adapters connect directly to the iPhone’s charging port. They then transmit signals to an HDMI cable connected to the TV.

Connection Setup

When you’ve got the adapter Follow the steps below to link to your iPhone with Roku TV. Roku TV:

1. Connect to the Adapter Install the Lightning part of the adapter to the charging port on your iPhone. This is the port used for charging as well as syncing the device.

2. Link to HDMI Link to HDMI the HDMI part of the adapter with an HDMI port in the Roku TV. Note down which HDMI port you are using (e.g., HDMI 1, HDMI 2) as you’ll have to pick this option later when you turn on your TV.

3. Switch into HDMI Source: Switch on your Roku TV, and then press the Home button of your remote. Go to the source button or input after which you can select the HDMI port that is connected to your iPhone.

Displaying Your iPhone’s Screen

Once the physical connections have been created, you will be able to be able to see the iPhone’s display on the screen of your Roku TV. If the screen doesn’t appear in a timely manner:

  • You can go to the Roku Home screen, and then look at the Settings menu.
  • Within the Settings section, locate the area labeled “Inputs” or an equivalent.
  • Make sure that the proper HDMI input is selected, and is set to display the Home screen.

This configuration does not need WiFi and functions solely via the HDMI connection. This is an efficient and simple method of screen mirroring.

Additional Tips

  • Check Compatibility: Make sure that your Roku TV and HDMI adapter is compatible with the iPhone model.
  • Secure Connections: Check all connections twice to ensure that they’re safe and secure since this may impact the quality of connection to the TV.
  • Update Devices: Maintaining your devices’ software up to date will prevent problems with compatibility and provide better performance.


Utilizing the Lightning adapter to an HDMI adapter to connect your iPhone onto the Roku TV with no WiFi is a simple and reliable technique. This adapter lets you transfer content directly from your smartphone directly onto a larger display which is ideal for making presentation, viewing videos or displaying photos even without WiFi. By using the appropriate devices and just a couple of steps, you’ll have the ability to establish this connection and experience your iPhone’s content in a larger display.

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