How To Play Video On Car Screen From iPhone Explore All Details?

With the advent of technology, automobiles are more than a mode for transportation. They are multimedia hubs for mobile devices. streaming videos on your iPhone onto your car’s screen could enhance the overall experience for passengers, which can make lengthy journeys much more enjoyable. But, it is crucial to keep in mind that the driver should be focused on the road all time while playing back videos should be limited to entertaining guests. In this piece we’ll explore a variety of ways of connecting your iPhone to your vehicle’s screen to allow uninterrupted streaming of video.

Utilizing CarPlay for Video Streaming

CarPlay CarPlay, Apple’s default auto interface, offers an easy way for you to connect your iPhone with the car’s information system. It provides a secure and reliable way to get access to iPhone features and apps directly through your car’s dashboard. Learn how to use CarPlay to project your iPhone onto the car’s display:

Wired CarPlay Connection

1. Connect your iPhone Make use of an Lightning cable to link your iPhone with the USB port on your vehicle.

2. Activate CarPlay When connected to the network, the CarPlay logo will appear on the display of your vehicle.

3.Start Mirroring The car’s screen is now able to mirror the screen of your iPhone and display applications and other content that are compatible.

Wireless CarPlay Setup

1. Enable Wireless CarPlay: Find out if your vehicle supports wireless CarPlay and then press the control for your voice on the steering wheel of your car to initiate the configuration.

2. Securely pair via Bluetooth: Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and join it with your vehicle.

3. Configure CarPlayTo configure CarPlay: Go in Settings > General > CarPlay in your phone. choose your vehicle, then finish the mirroring configuration.

Easy Connection for Diverse Compatibility

In the case of vehicles that don’t have CarPlay or using the Easy Connection app can be an alternative. The app is compatible with Mirrorlink which allows a broad variety of phones, including iPhones connected to the display of your car.

Setting Up Easy Connection

1. Access the app on the screen of your vehicle click on Apps and then choose EasyConnection.

2. Configure Hotspot: On your iPhone you can enable your Personal Hotspot under Settings.

3. Connect to Hotspotfrom the dashboard of your car Connect to the iPhone’s hotspot.

4. Initiate Mirroring You can swipe up on your iPhone to go to the Control Center, tap on Screen Mirroring, and select the option EC-Airplay. The screen of your iPhone will mirror to the car’s display.

Stream using the CarBridge app

CarBridge application is a great alternative to stream content directly through your iPhone onto your car’s screen including apps that are not compatible with CarPlay.

Using CarBridge to Play Videos

1. Download CarBridge Visit and install the app to your iPhone.

2. Choose the connection type you prefer Connect your iPhone your car using USB or Bluetooth depending on the type you prefer.

3. Play Videos: You can open any video application using your iPhone to play a video, and it will play in your car’s display.


If you follow these steps You can stream videos on your iPhone in your car’s screen and enhance the user experience while driving. Be aware of safety concerns so make sure that the video replay is done so in a responsible manner and doesn’t distract driver. The advancement of technology means that integrating cars with mobile phones has never been simpler providing a seamless and relaxing entertainment when driving.

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