How To Put A Sleep Timer On An I Phone Or Mac in Apple Music Know The All Info Here!

Do you ever find yourself drifting off to your favorite tunes, only to wake up hours later with the music still playing? It’s a common scenario, but fear not – there’s a simple solution. Setting a sleep timer in Apple Music can ensure that your music stops playing after a designated period, saving your device’s battery and promoting uninterrupted sleep. In this article, we’ll explore how to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on both iPhone and Mac, along with additional tips for HomePod users. Let’s dive in.

Setting a Sleep Timer on iPhone:
Setting a sleep timer on your iPhone is a breeze, thanks to two convenient methods: using the Clock app or leveraging the Shortcuts app for automation.

Method 1: Using the Clock App:

  1. Open the Clock app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Timer option in the bottom right corner.
  3. Set your desired duration for the timer.
  4. Under “When Timer Ends,” select “Stop Playing,” then tap Set.
  5. Start the timer by tapping the green Start button.
  6. Open the Music app, play your tunes, and enjoy – the music will pause automatically when the timer ends.

Method 2: Using the Shortcuts App:
For a more customized approach, consider creating an automation using the Shortcuts app:

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app and access the Automation menu.
  2. Tap “New Automation” and select “Time of Day” for activation.
  3. Set the desired time and frequency for the automation.
  4. Choose “Run Immediately” and tap Next.
  5. Add the action “Pause” by searching for it in the search bar.
  6. Select “Play/Pause” and set it to pause.
  7. Complete the setup and enjoy automated music pausing at your designated time.

Setting a Sleep Timer on Mac:
While there’s no direct method for setting a sleep timer in Apple Music on Mac, you can utilize a Terminal command to achieve a similar effect:

  1. Open the Terminal app on your Mac.
  2. Paste the command “sudo shutdown -s +60” to shut down your Mac after a specified time (e.g., 60 minutes).
  3. Enter your device password when prompted.

Setting a Sleep Timer for HomePod:
HomePod users can easily set a sleep timer using Siri commands:

  1. While music is playing, activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri.”
  2. Command Siri to “stop the music in [X] minutes” (e.g., “stop the music in 30 minutes”).
  3. Siri will confirm the timer, and the music will stop accordingly.

Benefits of Setting a Sleep Timer:
Setting a sleep timer in Apple Music offers numerous advantages:

  • Battery Conservation: Preserves device battery by stopping music playback after a designated period.
  • Customizable Timer: Allows users to personalize the duration for a tailored listening experience.
  • Relaxation and Quality Sleep: Promotes relaxation and uninterrupted sleep by ending music playback at a set time.


In conclusion, setting a sleep timer in Apple Music is a simple yet effective way to conserve battery life, customize your listening experience, and promote quality sleep. Whether you’re using an iPhone, Mac, or HomePod, implementing a sleep timer ensures that your music stops playing when you want it to, allowing for a restful night’s sleep without interruption. Try it out and enjoy a seamless audio experience tailored to your preferences.

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