How To Reset Your Vehicle in Farming Simulator 22 Explore All Details?

Farmers Simulator 22 (FS 22) gives players an immersive farming experience that lets players dive into the complexities of modern agriculture. Equipped with a variety of agricultural equipment and vehicles farmers can plant the crops, oversee livestock and manage their farms effectively. Realistic simulations in the game include the requirement of maintaining vehicles and personalization, which could necessitate players to restore their vehicle to factory settings in certain conditions.

Reasons to Reset Vehicles

Resetting the vehicle’s settings within FS 22 can be crucial due to a variety of reasons. The players may need to reset to their default settings after customizing their vehicle, or might need to reset their settings after accident-related damage has affected the performance of their vehicle. Resetting your vehicle will allow it to function efficiently, which enhances the farm experience.

Step-by-Step Reset Guide

To restore a car within FS 22 use these simple steps:

1. “Accessing the Menu Begin by opening the main menu in the game.

2. Navigating to vehicles Click on the “Vehicle” tab to browse all the farm equipment.

3. Selecting the Car Select the vehicle you would like to change the settings for.

4. Performing the Reset When you click the reset button. The game will return the vehicle back to its initial state as it was when purchased.

Handling Damaged Vehicles

Damage to vehicles may occur through farming operations. This can affect their functioning. For this reason:

1. Find the damaged Vehicle Then, in the tab ‘Vehicle Find the machine which requires your care.

2. “Initial Repair” Choose Repair to repair your vehicle and regain its functionality.

3. Final Reset: Following repairs, click the reset button for the vehicle to be restored to its previous condition.

Saving and Restoring Settings

To ensure that they do not lose their preferred car configurations, FS 22 allows players to save and restore their settings:

Saving Vehicle Configurations

1. Menu Access Start the menu in the main menu.

2. Vehicle Choice Select the vehicle that has the configurations you would like to keep.

3. Save Settings Click on ‘Save’. The settings you have saved are now in place.

Restoring Vehicle Configurations

If you want to access the settings you have saved:

1. Open the Menu Go to the menu in order to open it.

2. Select the Car Select and then click the vehicle with settings that you’d like to reset.

3. Load Settings Press the “Load’ button. Any previously saved settings will be applied to your vehicle.


Resetting the vehicles of Farming Simulator 22 is a easy process that can enhance game play by making sure that the machines are operating effectively and efficiently. If you’re trying to restore normal settings, fixing damages, or returning to settings that you saved These steps will help you maintain the productivity of your farm. This manual provides necessary information to run your vehicle effectively within FS 22, making your farming experience more pleasant and efficient.

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