How To Tell How Long You’ve Been Friends With Someone On Facebook Explore All Details?

Within the world of the social web, Facebook stands tall as one of the top platforms with over 2.85 billion active monthly users in 2021. In the array of functions it offers one of the most overlooked but interesting aspect is its ability to track the time that you’ve been friends for using the site. In this piece we look at two strategies to complete this task seamlessly.

Method 1: Friendship Anniversary

Facebook regularly celebrations of friendship anniversary, usually reminding users of the occasion as they navigate through their timeline. These notifications highlight the date and time of the anniversary celebration and serve as a useful indicator of how long you’ve been in contact with a person.

Method 2: Activity Log

In the event that the date for your relationship is elusive to the memory, or scrolling through timelines is a hassle In these instances, the Activity Log emerges as a lifesaver. It is a simple method of determining the length of your connection with a person through Facebook.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Open the Facebook App: Start by opening the Facebook application on your smartphone.

2. Access Settings Access the Settings menu by clicking on the menu icon at the top-right part on Facebook’s Facebook interface.

3. Enter Activity Log In the settings menu, select the Activity Log by scrolling or using the search bar located at the very top on the display.

4. Filtering: When opening the Activity Log start filtering in order to speed up your search. Concentrate on”Connections” in the “Connections” section for relevant information about your friendship past.

5. Explore Connection Sections Inside”Connections,” in the “Connections” section, explore different tabs like “Added friends,” “Removed friends,” “Received friend requests,” and “Sent friend requests” to discover more about the people you have on Facebook.

  • Added Friends Learn the exact date on which someone added you to their list of friend.
  • Removed Friends Find out the details of when you removed someone from your friend list.
  • Received Friend Requests: See an overview of the friend requests you’ve gotten.
  • Sent Friend Requests Review the request you’ve made.

6. Identify Friendship Anniversary: Look through the area of connection to find any mentions of friendship anniversary celebrations, usually accompanied by the date of the first connection.


When trying to determine how long you’ve been friends with a friend using Facebook using either of the methods can be efficient. When relying on anniversaries of friendship could require you to recall the exact date that you first met, the Activity Log is a feasible solution that’s accessible to anyone. If you follow the guidelines the users are able to effortlessly browse through their Facebook timeline to discover important information about their friends. If it’s about celebrating friendships with old friends or recalling the adventures of new acquaintances Facebook is a great platform for building and celebrating friendships in the age of digital.

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