How To Use Crossbow Witcher 3 Ps4 Explore All Details?

The captivating realm in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” knowing how to use the many weapons and equipment available to Geralt of Rivia’s fingertips are crucial to survive the treacherous terrain and terrifying foes. The most effective tool of all is the crossbow. This weapon is which is a weapon of range, and offers distinct advantages when it comes to certain situations of combat. This article provides you with an in-depth, step-by-step guide for using the crossbow on the PS4 to enhance your gaming enjoyment.

Equip Your Crossbow

In order to begin using the crossbow available in “The Witcher 3,” it is first necessary to get the weapon. Open your inventory in the main menu, and then place the crossbow in the weapon with a range. This is a way to prepare Geralt to make use of the crossbow in conjunction with his other magic weapons and abilities.

Access the Weapon Wheel

When the crossbow has been equipped When you are done with the inventory, close it using “L1” on the PS4. This will open the menu for radial weapons that is essential to quickly access Geralt’s abilities and weapons in the battle. In this menu, you are able to pick the crossbow as the weapon of choice for your ranged attack.

Ready, Aim, Fire

If you’ve set the crossbow to be the weapon of choice it is possible to enter the aiming mode by pressing “R1.” This will allow users to shoot precisely at foes. If you want to shoot an arrow just press the “R1” button once you can see your target. Be careful when shooting to ensure you get the best shots, particularly effective when fighting.

Strategic Crossbow Use

The crossbow may not be the primary weapon you use to cause harm, but can serve as an instrument of strategic use in certain situations:

  • Aerial Threats: Use the crossbow for aiming at creatures that fly, such as griffins or the wyverns. If you are able to time your shot, it can knock these beasts to the ground, exposing them to attack from the melee.
  • Underwater Defense: Once underwater, a crossbow becomes Geralt’s best defense. It’s effective against animals like sirens and drowners, that pose serious threats to marine environments.

-“Boat Battles”: When navigating the boat, Geralt could make use of the crossbow to fight away attackers at a distance. This is vital for when mobility and steering are restricted.

Tactical Considerations

Although the crossbow has its own advantages when it comes to the situations described, it’s important to keep in mind the limitations of this weapon. It isn’t able to cause harm like Geralt’s swords and magic signals. But, it’s a great weapon as it can be used to defeat enemies and allowing for stronger assaults.


Learning to master the crossbow using the crossbow in “The Witcher 3” on PS4 gives a strategic edge in combat that allows Geralt to take on enemies from afar as well as in unique battle scenario. Following these tips in preparing, aiming, and shoot the crossbow as well as knowing when to use the weapon effectively, gamers can increase their options for tactical success and have a more enjoyable game experience that is more satisfying and enjoyable. When you’re faced with airborne adversaries, water hazards and enemies in the sea it’s a tool worth acquiring.

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