How To Use Two Tvs For Split Screen Xbox One Explore All Details?

When it comes to games, being able to extend your gaming’s visual space can greatly increase your enjoyment. This is especially the case for games that require split-screen gameplay, where it is highly desirable. In the case of Xbox One owners, leveraging two TVs to enable split screen games can turn your gaming experience into an immersive and a larger gaming experience. This tutorial will guide you through how for using two TVs on the Xbox One, ensuring a seamless set-up.

Essential System Setup

Before connecting to your Xbox One for a dual TV configuration, it’s important to check that your device and the other accessories you have are up to date. Make sure you’ve got the Windows 10 PC, as it plays a crucial aspect in the stream. Make sure the Xbox One console is updated to the most recent software that supports streaming capabilities.

Connecting Devices Correctly

In the beginning, you must establish the connection to the Xbox One and the Windows 10 PC. It can be done via wired connections using HDMI or VGA or wirelessly over the home network. If you want to connect your controller to the network There are several choices including directly connecting your Xbox One controller using a USB to micro USB cable, or using Microsoft’s Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows and similar options that work with Xbox 360 controllers if preferred.

Enabling Game Streaming

When your devices are connected The next step is to turn on game streaming to the Xbox One. It’s a simple process:

1. Open the settings menu of the Xbox One.

2. Click on the Preferences option and look in the ‘Xbox App connectivity’ section.

3. You can enable ‘Allow streaming of games to other devices’ in order to allow your PC to access the stream of the Xbox One. Xbox One.

Setting Up on Windows 10

After activating streaming games for your Xbox begin setting the Xbox application for Windows 10 PC: Windows 10 PC:

1. Launch the Xbox app by looking for it on the Start menu.

2. Sign in to the app using the identical Xbox account that is linked to the Xbox One console.

3. Within the app, choose “Connection” on the left menu, and then enable the app to find the Xbox One console on the network.

4. When you’ve been detected, pick your console and then “Stream” to begin relaying the graphics of the game onto your computer.

Final Adjustments and Streaming

Once you’ve established the stream on the Windows 10 PC, you’ll have to connect the PC to your second television. It can be accomplished using an HDMI cable. Make sure that your PC has been set to replicate or extend its TV display. After connecting, you will have the game playing in both the original Xbox One connected TV and the second TV that is connected via the Windows 10 PC. The setup lets you split screen game play with two different televisions, increasing visibility and giving each player the largest screen.

Maintenance and Care Tips

To guarantee a long-lasting life to the Xbox One and optimal performance in gaming sessions, ensure that you place your console in a ventilated space free of direct heat sources. Do not place objects over either under or near the console in order to keep it from the console from overheating. Make sure to regularly check for system updates to ensure your console is operating using the most current features as well as patches for security.


Pairing up two TVs using the Xbox One for split-screen gaming can greatly increase the enjoyment of gaming. If you follow the guidelines in this tutorial, gamers can play on several screens with no major issues. If you’re competing against your friends or playing collaborative games, this system expands the boundaries of single-screen gaming. It’s an exciting and engaging game experience.

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