How To Use Two Tvs For Split Screen Xbox One Explore All Details?

When it comes to gaming using two TVs for split screen Xbox One gaming opens up an array of options. When you’re hosting an online gaming session with your colleagues or looking for an full-bodied gaming experience, knowing the best way to connect two TVs to enjoy split-screen gaming for gaming on Xbox One is essential. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through step-by-step how for achieving this configuration seamlessly.

Understanding Xbox One

Before taking a deeper dive into the intricate details of establishing split-screen gaming by using two TVs It is essential to know how to use the Xbox One console itself. It was developed by Microsoft and Microsoft, the Xbox One represents the pinnacle in home entertainment and gaming featuring advanced functions and an extensive collection of games. It was launched in 2013 and rapidly became an essential part of homes with gaming, offering the best gaming experience as well as multimedia features.

Benefits of Split-Screen Gaming

The split-screen game feature for gamers on Xbox One presents a myriad of advantages for gamers. It encourages social interaction by giving family and friends the chance to join together in multiplayer games. Furthermore, it increases game immersion by offering a larger scope of view and greater interaction with the game. Split-screen gaming allows players can enjoy the joy of playing while also enjoying customized games on two separate screen.

Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s now dive into the steps to set the split screen gaming feature for Xbox One using two TVs:

Step 1: Verify System Requirements

Before starting, be sure you’ve got a computer running Windows 10 and two televisions. Attach the Windows 10 PC to one of the televisions with an appropriate connection, such as VGA and HDMI.

Step 2: Connect Controllers

Connect your Xbox One controller to your PC through USB or use an Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. Alternately, you could make use of the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter for PC, or wired/wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Step 3: Enable Game Streaming

Make sure that game streaming is enabled in Your Xbox One console. Go to the settings and preferences to ensure you have “Allow game streaming to other devices (beta)” is disabled. This is a feature exclusive to Xbox One and is not offered for Xbox 360.

Step 4: Sign in to Xbox App

Start the Xbox application to the Windows 10 PC and sign on with the identical Xbox Gamertag account used on your Xbox One console. It will allow seamless communication between the two consoles.

Step 5: Connect to Xbox One

In the Xbox application, click “connect” and wait for the app to detect the Xbox One console on the same network. After being identified, select the console you want to connect with the connection.

Step 6: Initiate Streaming

Then, press”stream” in the Xbox app “stream” button within the Xbox application to start gaming streaming through the Xbox One console to your Windows 10 PC. Make sure you have both your devices connected and prepared prior to launching the stream.


Utilizing two televisions to play splitting-screen Xbox One gaming is a simple process that can enhance the multiplayer experience and provides more immersive. Following the step-by-step instructions given above, gamers are able to seamlessly link to their Xbox One console to Windows 10 PCs, and experience the split screen experience on two screens. When hosting gaming events or simply seeking an immersive gaming experience, gaming split-screen on the Xbox One opens up a new world of opportunities for players of all ages.

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