Imad Wasim Wife Who Is Imad Wasim Married To?

Sania Ashfaq, an economist and management expert residing in Karachi and best known as Imad Wasim’s wife. Sania began her professional journey from Lahore before making an impactful name for herself within London’s economic sector as she excelled her degree studies there. Married on August 26, 2019 in Islamabad to Imad Wasim on that date, Sania now balances both work and family life; having two young children herself!

Professional Journey and Expertise

Sania Ashfaq was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan but quickly developed an interest in economics at an early age; her passion led to further studies at London School of Economics before finding work there afterwards. Since then she has held important roles within this sector of expertise which have earned her wide renown as one of London’s premier economists – often involved with complex economic strategies requiring insight from others within different professional environments.

Family and Personal Life

Sania and Imad have found great happiness together since marrying each other in 2021, creating their family by welcoming Syeda Inaya Imad to this world in 2021 and another son to be born two years later in 2022. Although their roots lie in Karachi, the couple also maintain close ties to various relatives across Britain; Sania’s role as mother adds depth to both professional achievements as well as her personal interests.

Interests and Social Engagement

A woman of diverse interests, Sania Ashfaq enjoys traveling, reading, and staying fit. Her love for music and social gatherings speaks to her vibrant personality. Active on Instagram, Sania uses her platform to inspire her followers by sharing moments from her personal and professional life, including achievements and everyday joys. Her social media presence is not only a testament to her personal life but also serves as a beacon of motivation for many young women.

A Role Model for Many

Sania Ashfaq epitomizes the modern Pakistani woman; successfully balancing career, family life, and personal dreams while remaining graceful and efficient. From Lahore to London and back again – inspiring many young girls in Pakistan as well as internationally. Her accomplishments as an economics professor coupled with motherhood make her an exceptional role model.

Looking to the Future

As Sania continues to make her mark in economic sectors and raise her family, her future endeavors are eagerly anticipated by followers and admirers. Each year she not only contributes significantly to her field, but sets higher standards of personal success and satisfaction for herself and those surrounding her.


Sania Ashfaq continues to amaze with her ability to balance professional success and personal fulfillment, becoming an example of women achieving remarkable feats through dedication and balance in both areas of their life. Not only has her story inspired others but it is empowering women worldwide as she gives voice to women all across the globe through entrepreneurship and empowerment efforts.

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