Jackie Robinson Wife Who Is Jackie Robinson Married To?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson, more widely known by his nickname Jackie Robinson, was widely celebrated not only for his exceptional baseball ability but also his instrumental role in unifying Major League Baseball (MLB). On April 15, 1947 – becoming the first African American ever to make their MLB debut with Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947 – Jackie made history both through American sports history and civil rights activism with this first debut batted by him on April 15 1947 with Brooklyn. This event left an indelible mark both within America sports culture as well as civil rights history.

Breaking Barriers

Jackie Robinson made history upon entering Major League Baseball when he made history on January 31, 1919 by breaking through all types of barriers en route. Before playing with the Dodgers, Robinson developed his athletic prowess in Negro Leagues; breaking through longstanding color barriers along the way and opening doors for future athletes from diverse races competing at elite levels. His entry not only shattering barriers; it set an important example to future athletes competing on equal terms with Robinson.

Robinson amassed an exceptional batting average of.311, amassing 137 homers, 734 runs batted in (RBIs), and 197 stolen bases over his ten-year career. Additionally, his on-base percentage (OBP) stood at.409 while his OPS rate reached.883. All these accomplishments helped earn six All-Star titles from 1949 through 1954 as well as winning National League MVP Award (NFL MVP Award in 1949).

Champion Beyond the Field

Jackie Robinson left an impact far beyond baseball. As a vocal champion of civil rights, using his platform to break down racial barriers across other aspects of American life. After retiring from baseball, Robinson entered business while continuing his activism by contributing to various civil rights organizations as well as community projects.

Legacy and Family

Jackie Robinson had an equally rich personal life. In 1946 he wed Rachel Annetta Isum from Pasadena, California; Rachel was both academically accomplished and registered nurse – two professions she would play pivotal roles in after his passing away on October 24 1972. Rachel established The Jackie Robinson Foundation which offers scholarships and leadership development opportunities to minority students.

Jackie and Rachel Robinson raised three children: Jackie Jr., Sharon Robinson and David Robinson – with Jackie Jr. tragically losing his life in an automobile accident in 1971. Yet despite such tragedies, Jackie Jr.’s legacy still lives on through charitable giving efforts made by Rachel’s estate and Jackie Jr.’s siblings.

A Continuing Influence

Rachel Robinson remains an influential figure at 101. With an estimated net worth estimated at $10 Million and having made significant contributions in terms of education and public health through professional and charitable endeavors such as Jackie Robinson Foundation projects; Rachel remains a powerful presence. Her legacy lives on in these projects.

Jackie Robinson stands as not just a sports icon but as an innovator who transcended sports’ confines to become an outspoken advocate of justice and equality for all people regardless of field of endeavor. His legacy will continue inspiring future generations towards excellence and equity across every discipline of endeavour.

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