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The Holliday family is no stranger to baseball; their legacy dates back several generations and has made significant impactsful statement about themselves in baseball history. Now, as Jackson Holliday (son of seven-time All Star Matt Holliday) prepares to make his MLB debut, now is an opportune time to explore their family tree and uncover its origins – discovering just why so much history lies within.

Who is Jackson Holliday?

Jackson Holliday, baseball’s No.1 prospect, is poised to make waves in Major League Baseball (MLB). Born December 4, 2003 and the son of Matt and Leslee Holliday, growing up around his dad Matt Holliday has given Jackson an edge as he transitions into big league play against Red Sox this month in his MLB debut game. Jackson Holliday hopes his legacy lives on as his journey takes his own unique turn on this big stage!

Matt Holliday As The Patriarch

Matt Holliday has made quite an incredible journey since being selected in the seventh-round of the 1998 MLB Draft to becoming one of the greatest sluggers ever seen on a Major League roster. Boasting an NL batting title, an NLCS MVP award and two World Series wins with Cardinals under his belt; Matt has set an amazing standard for his sons to follow. Additionally, his transition from player to coach – including brief stint as Cardinals bench coach – shows just how influential Matt remains on baseball today.

Leslee Holliday

Leslee Holliday has played an invaluable role in her sons’ baseball development since her marriage to Matt on December 30, 2000. Leslee’s commitment to maintaining strong family ties within professional sports has kept the Holliday clan grounded while maintaining its foundational values.

Ethan Holliday and His Next Step Forward in Generation II

Ethan Holliday, Jackson Holliday’s middle brother, has quickly emerged as one of the top prospects in the 2025 MLB Draft. A junior at Stillwater High, Ethan has shown tremendous power as an all-around hitter and physical stature, drawing comparisons to both. If Ethan follows Jackson into becoming No.1 overall like Jackson did before him then their Holliday brothers will make history by becoming first siblings ever to achieve such an achievement in separate drafts.

Reed and Gracyn Holliday Are Two Youngest Children to Date.

Reed and Gracyn Holliday, two younger members of the Holliday family, may not yet be making headlines, but they still benefit from living within an environment filled with baseball history as their older brothers set an example for success on that path. It will be interesting to observe whether or not Reed and Gracyn can follow in their brother’s footsteps by becoming great baseball players themselves.

Josh Holliday of Josh Holliday College.

Josh Holliday, Matt’s older brother and head coach of Oklahoma State since 2013, has established an incredible coaching legacy there. Leading his Cowboys to consistent success including reaching the College World Series last season is testament to Josh’s influence in developing young talent; including those belonging to Matt himself! Josh’s impactful guidance of young talent development cannot be overstated.

Tom Holliday as Grandfather.

Tom Holliday, the patriarch of Holliday Baseball Legacy, has enjoyed an esteemed coaching career. From serving as pitching coach at Oklahoma State to heading up that institution’s baseball department as head coach himself – not forgetting being recently appointed Chatham Anglers head coach in Cape Cod Baseball League which further showcases his dedication in nurturing baseball talent.

The Holliday family’s impact on baseball is undeniable and far-reaching, from Matt’s celebrated career through Jackson and Ethan’s promising debuts and potential. Their presence echoes through all levels of baseball excellence as their legacy expands – this will surely keep fans eagerly watching for any sign that this legendary legacy may reach another chapter!

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