Jasprit Bumrah Wife Who Is Jasprit Bumrah Married To?

Sanjana Ganesan has made her mark in the media and entertainment industries, not only as Jasprit Bumrah’s wife but as an established sports presenter and model herself. Her life story encompasses intellectual prowess, glamorous endeavors and deep sporting connections making her one of the more celebrated personalities within India’s entertainment landscape.

Academic and Early Career

Sanjana was born May 6, 1991, in Pune, Maharashtra and quickly excelled academically from an early age. After attending The Bishop’s School and Symbiosis Institute of Technology – graduating as top of her class with gold – Sanjana ventured into modeling and pageantry; initially embarking upon IT-focused endeavors.

Trend in Media and Modeling

Sanjana quickly made an impressionful mark in fashion industry through her charisma and presence, becoming an award-winning finalist at both Femina Style Diva competition in 2012, Femina Miss India in 2013, Femina Officially Gorgeous competition that year and MTV Splitsvilla reality show that year (though her appearance ended prematurely due to an injury). As soon as Sanjana realized how passionate about sports was her true calling she switched roles and found more suitable ones instead.

Transition into Sports Broadcasting

After her modeling career, Sanjana discovered her true calling as a sports presenter. With expertise and enthusiasm for sport as her basis, Sanjana joined Star Sports network where she is now an established presence presenting major sporting events like Indian Premier League (IPL), Badminton Premier League (BPL), Indian Super League and international cricket tournaments such as ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 & T20 World Cup 2022 tournaments; her engaging personality and depth of knowledge make her popular with audiences of sports fans worldwide.

Your Personal Life and Relationships

Sanjana garnered considerable media coverage when she married Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah on March 15, 2021. They first met during IPL season 2013-14 before growing close through Cricket World Cup 2019. Their wedding in Goa was kept intimate and straightforward due to Sanjana and Jasprit’s preference for intimacy and simplicity; In September 2023 they welcomed their son named Angad Jasprit Bumrah into their lives.

Current Focus and Future Endeavors

Sanjana took a brief step away from TV presenting in 2024 to focus on her newly acquired responsibility of motherhood; nonetheless, she remains active online through platforms such as Instagram and X, sharing updates about both personal and professional matters with fans and followers alike. Furthermore, her ongoing participation in sports combined with motherhood proves her ability to balance multiple responsibilities seamlessly.


Sanjana Ganesan’s journey from tech graduate to sports presenter stands as testament to her impressive versatility and strong will. Through her dedication and charismatic on-screen presence, Sanjana has not only distinguished herself in an increasingly competitive field; but has become an inspiration to young women all across India and internationally. Her fans eagerly anticipate her next moves both professionally and personally as she embarks upon this exciting chapter in her life.

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