Jos Buttler Wife Who Is Jos Buttler Married To?

Jos Buttler hailing from Taunton in Somerset has emerged as one of the premier cricketers of modern cricket. Thanks to his aggressive batting style and impeccable wicket keeping abilities, Buttler has quickly established himself as an integral figure within England’s limited overs team narrative – becoming captain over time due to sheer passion, commitment and talent. His journey from passionate young player to captainship of limited overs teams speaks of tireless hard work and natural ability.

Early Years and Family Background

Jos Buttler first encountered cricket at an early age thanks to his family’s deep ties to it. Born September 8, 1990 to John and Patricia Buttler – former wicket-keeper John, and physical education teacher Patricia (his initial coach). Support also came from Joanne Vickers (elder sister) and James Buttler (younger brother).

Domestic and International Career

Jos Buttler began his professional cricketing journey with Somerset where his talent quickly emerged. Following this, his prowess behind the stumps and with bat quickly earned him Lancashire where his reputation further flourished. Internationally, buttler made his England debut in 2011 and since has been an essential member of their squad due to his devastating one-day international batting style; often turning games in favor of his side; recognition was bestowed upon Buttler by being appointed captain of their limited over teams in June 2022.

Buttler is making waves across domestic and international cricket; his contributions in the Indian Premier League (IPL) have also been immense. Starting out playing for Mumbai Indians before moving onto Rajasthan Royals later, his performances in both teams’ stints are extraordinary and often recognized among some as some of the finest white ball batsmen worldwide.

Personal Life and Off-field Interests

Jos Buttler’s personal and off-field interests priveste family first. In October 2017, Buttler married Louise Buttler – a professional Pilates trainer. Since their marriage they have had two daughters named Georgia Rose and Margot respectively born between 2019-2021, which reflect his calm yet collected nature off the pitch, while family remains his top priority; often seen supporting him during matches showing their close bond between one another.

Legacy and Future Prospects

Jos Buttler has enjoyed an extraordinary career that boasts both noteworthy accomplishments and future prospects. Leading England in limited overs cricket since 2006, his role is indispensable in nurturing new talent within his squad and shaping their development into future world-class cricketers. Buttler’s innovative batting and smart wicket keeping have likely had an enormous influence over generations of cricketers; off the pitch his strong family values have made him an example for others to emulate.

Jos Buttler has made his journey in cricket an example of hard work, adaptability, and perseverance. Now captaining England as captain Jos Buttler looks set to prove decisive when facing international opponents this summer – the cricket world eagerly anticipates seeing where his story takes us next!

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