Kevin Durant Wife Who Is Kevin Durant Married To?

Kevin Durant (KD), also known as Kevin “Big Baller”, stands tall on both basketball court and sports world stages alike. A forward for Phoenix Suns of NBA, Durant has amassed impressive achievements while engaging with high-profile individuals that keep fans riveted both on and off court.

Rising Through the Ranks

Kevin Durant’s basketball journey began at the University of Texas, where he made history as the first freshman to win the prestigious Naismith College Player of the Year award. Drafted second overall by the Seattle SuperSonics in 2007, Durant’s career trajectory has been nothing short of spectacular. After his stint with the team, now known as the Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant moved to the Golden State Warriors in 2016. During his time with the Warriors, he secured two NBA championships, adding to his repertoire of accolades, including four NBA scoring titles and the NBA Most Valuable Player Award.

High-Profile Connects

Durant’s personal life and relationships have long piqued public curiosity. Of his reported relationships, Cassandra Anderson stands out. Renowned for her real estate career in California before attending University of Florida to major in tourism and recreation in 2012, Anderson stands out among Durant’s potential matches as she stands out as being especially intriguing to some people. Born May 25, 1990 and hailing from California she excelled in volleyball throughout both high school and college years before going on to graduate with her degree in tourism and recreation in 2012.

Career Shifts and Achievements

Anderson made her transition from sports to real estate by starting her career in Los Angeles at Rodeo Realty Brentwood before making the leap to Pleasanton and Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties – no doubt due to both her sports background and 6 foot 1 inch height! These attributes contribute to Anderson’s commanding presence when dealing in real estate deals.

Relationships Under the Spotlight

Durant and Anderson may have begun dating sometime around 2017 after she began attending his NBA games, appearing together at several social media posts without officially confirming their romance. Following Durant’s departure from the Golden State Warriors and subsequent disappearance from Anderson’s social media, reports of their breakup began swirling shortly thereafter when Durant stopped posting to Anderson’s social media and she deleted her account altogether. Prior to Anderson Durant was engaged with WNBA star Monica Wright whose relationship also attracted media coverage.

Explore KD’s Private Life

More recently, Durant was linked with Lana Rhoades, an adult film actress and fitness model who mentioned going out with an unnamed Brooklyn Nets player believed to be Durant. This revelation provided further insight into his private life that normally stays out of public eye.


Kevin Durant continues to fascinate fans across the world as both an elite basketball player and public figure with high-profile romantic links, captivating fans worldwide with both his athletic prowess and personal endeavors – such as romantic relationships he is involved with – captivating discussions among fans worldwide. Durant represents many contemporary sporting legends by exuding both professionalism and personal appeal simultaneously.

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