Kevin Love Wife Who Is Kevin Married To?

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love and model Kate Bock came together in a stunning wedding that combined classic literary glamour with contemporary celebrity, setting their celebration like something out of Hollywood cinematic scenes from the roaring twenties. At New York Public Library’s architectural beauty and historical wealth was the ideal location to host their “Great Gatsby”-inspired ceremony, creating an ambience of luxurious parties and timeless elegance.

Historical Venue Choice

Kevin Love and Kate Bock chose the iconic New York Public Library as their wedding venue in order to reflect both their individual passions for art, literature, history and glamour from old New York as well as capture its spirit through romance and grandeur. It provided the ideal romantic ambience that beautifully complimented their evening’s theme while further underscoring an increasing trend among couples to select locations which represent them personally and symbolic of their story and interests.

Fashion and Elegance

The attire for the evening was selected carefully to represent the monochrome glamour of an earlier time period: 1950s/60s Hollywood as depicted by “The Great Gatsby.” Kevin Love donned a classic Ralph Lauren tuxedo while Kate Bock wore Grace Kelly-inspired wedding gown from American designer Tom Ford which exuded grace and sophistication. Additionally, by asking their guests to dress in black-and-white this added extra classic charm and depth of theme during celebration!

Celestial Gatherings

The guest list was as impressive as its setting, with notable figures like Savannah James sharing glimpses from the event on social media. Celebrities such as LeBron James’ wife wearing an elegant sheer black gown added Hollywood-esque glimmer reminiscent of classic cinema icons. This blend of sports, fashion and entertainment personalities demonstrated not only LeBron’s wide social circle but also illustrated how different industries could collaborate through personal connections and friendships.

Continued Celebrations in Progress.

After the reception, festivities continued at Bryant Park Hotel’s Celon Lounge across from the library for an after-party celebration that allowed guests to experience all aspects of this couple’s celebrations, from formalities like dinner service and formalities during reception hours to more relaxed events that guests enjoyed as part of an unforgettable weekend event in NYC. These details show their thoughtful approach towards providing memorable events.


Kevin Love and Kate Bock’s wedding was more than an occasion to mark their union; it was designed as an experience showcasing each aspect of who they were as individuals, from choosing an iconic venue, through choosing glamorous attire, and continuing the festivities afterwards. Everything about it represented both their love story as well as who they were as public figures – this wedding not only marks a new chapter for these two lives but it sets new standards of personalization and splendor in celebrity weddings!

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