Kirk Cousins Wife Who Is Kirk Cousins Married To?

Kirk Cousins is an esteemed NFL quarterback renowned for his multifaceted life together with wife Julie Hampton Cousins that spans family life, philanthropy and deep roots in their community. Married since 2014, their journey together is an inspiring tale of partnership on and off the field.

Early Beginnings

Julie Hampton was born and raised by Sue and Michael Hampton of Alpharetta, Georgia with older brothers Scott and Steve. She attended the University of Georgia nearby while Kirk Cousins hailing from Illinois was raised in Michigan before entering the NFL Draft that same year; their paths first crossed via mutual friends before developing into romance rapidly thereafter.

Romantic Proposal

Kirk orchestrated an impressive and romantic proposal at the Capitol building with assistance from Michigan Congressman Bill Huizenga in November 2013. Though nervous before approaching Julie with their proposal on a balcony at Speaker of the House’s Office in Washington D.C., Julie accepted and set their wedding in Atlanta to June 2014.

Family Life and Values

Kirk and Julie welcomed Cooper into their lives in 2017; Turner soon after in 2019. This couple is also passionate about animals, having fostered several dogs before adopting Abe a Labradoodle named Abe as part of the Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation which works closely with organizations such as Bethany Christian Services and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Philanthropic Endeavors

The Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation stands as testament to their generosity and community service, supporting various charitable organizations using what resources have been made available to them to impact positively upon humanity’s wellbeing. Furthermore, their generosity extends well beyond simply financial contributions as they actively assist their chosen charities with running operations as part of their philanthropy efforts.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In 2022, the Cousins family made their foray into business when they acquired Clearbrook Golf Course in Saugatuck Michigan for PS1.1M in 2022. This acquisition demonstrated their intent to invest and contribute positively to their community since 1926 by maintaining this recreational site cherished since 1926 – not to mention how their entrepreneurial mindset ensures they leverage this platform as part of an overall approach toward community enrichment.

Public Appearances

Though not quite as visible, Julie has shared the spotlight with Kirk on numerous occasions, most notably an appearance in a commercial for Sleep Number that not only featured him narrating but also showcased their family life with Cooper appearing alongside Abe in one segment. These public appearances helped establish them as family-focused partners with whom the public views them positively.

Relocation to Atlanta

Kirk was traded to the Atlanta Falcons, prompting their family’s relocation from Georgia. This marked an exciting new chapter of life as they could now live closer to Julie’s roots and extended family – hinted by Julie posting an Instagram story showing their family packing up and getting ready to venture off on this new journey in Atlanta.


Kirk and Julie Cousins represent an inspiring partnership, striking the perfect balance between public roles, private happiness and community involvement. Their journey together exemplifies a devotion to family life, charitable contributions and exploring new horizons; with Atlanta now becoming their permanent residence they look forward to further professional and personal advancement in future years.

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