Lawrence Wong Second Wife Who Is Lawrence Wong Married To?

At President Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s inauguration at The Istana on January 22, it marked an historic event in Singapore’s political life while also drawing the attention of notable figures in attendance, such as Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong who brought along his wife Ms. Loo Tze Lui who captured many viewers’ hearts due to her graceful yet professional presence at this ceremony.

A Refined Presence

Ms. Loo Tze Lui made an elegant yet refined presence when she appeared alongside her husband during a live-streamed event, donning an exquisite black dress which exuded both style and sophistication. Her interactions, including an amicable handshake with Madam Halimah and her husband were captured and widely applauded, garnering immense admiration on social media platforms; an album on TikTok of her appearances garnered widespread admiration, underscoring both charm and poise at such an event.

Professional and Philanthropic Endeavors

Ms. Loo is an exceptional finance and wealth manager with decades of experience at leading institutions – graduating from USC with degrees in both finance and wealth management, she boasts two decades of professional service as a graduate before taking up her current position at various financial institutions known for their stellar public markets, direct investments and real estate management teams.

Ms. Loo currently oversees a Single Family Office where she oversees an investment portfolio including public market investments and direct stakeholdings. Her role has been essential in shaping investment strategies and asset management of this office; further demonstrating her expertise and leadership within financial domain.

Committed to Community Service

Ms. Loo is deeply committed to community service beyond her professional achievements. Since May 2021, she has held the significant post of Vice President at Singapore Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). Prior to that role began with five-year directorial duties prior to being made Vice President in May. These efforts focus on youth development programs designed to empower younger generation through various educational and leadership initiatives.


Ms. Loo Tze Lui epitomises a modern woman by seamlessly balancing high-level professional commitments with public and philanthropic service. Her appearance at President Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s inauguration demonstrated this dynamic balance. Not only was her support as spouse to Deputy PM Tharman Shanmugaratnam made evident; so too were her personal accomplishments and contributions made towards society at large. Ms. Loo remains an outstanding presence both financially and in terms of community involvement across Singapore.

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