Maluma Wife Who Is Maluma Married To?

Colombian singer Maluma and Susana Gomez, have taken an exciting leap together with the birth of their first child together. Not only is this event significant to them personally but its celebration by fans worldwide is captivating – Maluma (real name Juan Luis Londono Arias) has long been the center of attention since he and Susana (an architect and designer respectively) first started dating publicly back in late 2020.

Unexpected Revelation

Maluma first hinted at his growing family through Maluma’s music video for “Procura,” released in October 2023, where Gomez proudly announces her pregnancy with joy. This symbolic choice represents his unique blend of personal life with artistic expression that runs throughout his career. On March 9, 2024 Paris Londono Gomez arrived and fulfilled Maluma’s greatest wish of becoming a father! Maluma shared this milestone on social media as fulfilling “his biggest dream of fatherhood!”

Artistic Paths Intertwined

Susana Gomez stands apart from Maluma as more than his partner; she has made waves in architecture, interior design and jewelry design through Sileo Timeless Jewelry launched with Juliana on February 20,2023 as an expression of Colombian craftsmanship that incorporates precious local stones while upholding Medellin’s cultural legacy.

Maluma Gomez and Maluma Javier share mutual respect and admiration, evident by attending Gomez’s launch events and showing up to support her professional endeavors. Their partnership transcends personal romance into professional solidarity by emphasizing shared values and roots.

Global Lives, Local Hearts

Maluma and Gomez both embrace their Colombian roots with pride, frequently discussing how the culture and people influence both their work and personal philosophies. Maluma made particular mention of Colombia in a 2021 PEOPLE magazine interview about his pride for its progress and vibrant culture that have come despite historical struggles in his comments to PEOPLE magazine.

Traveling extensively throughout Europe and Latin America, they showcased a global lifestyle while always returning home to Medellin despite international fame. Medellin remains their focal point, connecting them to their families and roots which is central to who they are as individuals and as couples.

Future Aspirations and Reflections

Maluma and Gomez have recently embarked on an exciting chapter filled with hopes and new responsibilities as parents to their daughter Paris, whom is no doubt both joyous and motivational for Maluma as evidenced in interviews and social media updates by him and Paris herself. He often expresses a wish to live an integrated life where personal fulfillment meets professional success simultaneously.

Maluma continues to expand his artistic journey as he attempts to bring personal experiences into his musical career. Songs like “ADMV” and “Junio” exemplify this phenomenon, reflecting upon love, commitment and the simple yet profound joys of living life – themes which resonate strongly with Maluma’s audience, giving his performances more depth while connecting on an intimate level.


Maluma and Susana Gomez’s love, creativity, and Colombian pride has long been at the core of their story. While juggling parenthood alongside busy careers as they remain influential figures within each field. Through Paris Londono Gomez they demonstrate just one way that it may be possible to simultaneously enjoy profound personal happiness alongside public artistic success, providing inspiration and entertainment to a global audience who cherish them both for their talent and authenticity. Each milestone represents another chapter of this tale of romance, creativity, and cultural pride between Colombian parents!

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