Marcus Stoinis Wife Who Is Marcus Stoinis Married To?

Marcus Stoinis stands out in cricket because of his explosive all-round capabilities in limited overs cricket and international and league cricket, respectively. Additionally, his personal life often attracts significant media coverage; particularly that regarding Sarah Czarnuch – an Australian model and entrepreneur whom he met while living abroad and an apparent lover. This article covers their relationship as well as Sarah’s professional life alongside past relationships and friendships within cricket circles.

A Powerful Duo of Marcus and Sarah

Marcus Stoinis, an Australian all-rounder, and Sarah Czarnuch have been romantically involved since March 2021 and share an affinity for fitness and an active lifestyle. Sarah recently celebrated her 27th birthday on December 7, 2023 – evidenced by their affectionate posts as well as playful nicknames they give each other on social media: “Stoinah” and “Sarcus.”

Sarah Czarnuch Is More than a Model

Sarah Czarnuch is not simply the partner of an internationally recognized cricketer; she’s a formidable personality in her own right. A model, content creator and owner of SarahCzarnuch X Elliatt design company – her entrepreneurialism and fashion sense can be found all across her social media pages; most prominently Instagram. Sarah boasts over 127,000 followers with influence beyond fashion in lifestyle fitness advocacy as a member.

Recognizing Success and Love

Marcus and Sarah have become popular figures on social media, giving fans worldwide glimpses into their lives with posts showcasing travels, fitness routines, or simply joys of their relationship. By being relatable and humanized for fans to identify with them even further. Their relationship which blossomed publicly showcases one founded upon mutual respect and shared interests.

Past and Current Connections

Before his current relationship, Marcus Stoinis had an extended romance with Stephanie Muller that came to an abrupt halt just prior to an intended marriage date in 2021. While little is known regarding why their union ended so quickly, its effects marked an important period in his personal life that paralleled similar developments among high-profile athletes.

Stoinis enjoys an enduring friendship with fellow cricketer Adam Zampa. Widely reported for their bromance in the media, their close bond extends well beyond professional ties; Zampa even married Hattie just last year while remaining an important presence in Stoinis’ life despite all of the pressures of international cricket.


Marcus Stoinis and Sarah Czarnuch represent an ideal modern couple – managing to combine professional commitments with robust personal lives in harmony. By following in each other’s footsteps as public figures while maintaining both intimate connections and professional success simultaneously. Their journey together not only draws in fans to watch but enriches narratives on personal achievements in sports as a result.

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