Mark Normand Wife Who Is Mark Normand Married To?

Mark Normand is widely respected for his groundbreaking comedy. Not only has he distinguished himself onstage but he’s made waves off it as well – both his signature wit and unique perspective on everyday absurdities have cemented his place as one of the leading figures of contemporary comedy scene. This article details recent milestones in Normand’s life such as marrying fellow comedian Mae Planert with their vibrant wedding celebration that captured New Orleans perfectly!

Comedy and Connection

Mark Normand is well known for his impeccable comedic timing and ability to turn mundane situations into laughter, which took an unexpected and pivotal turn when he met Mae Planert at one of Normand’s shows and she found herself entranced with him instead of with her date! Their meeting ultimately led them down a relationship path forged not just from mutual attraction but by an obsession for comedy!

Creative Partnerships

Although Mae Planert was not initially drawn to comedy, her relationship with Normand inspired her to explore her creative instincts in humor. While initially wary about following in Normand’s footsteps as stand-up comic, eventually Mae embraced stand-up for herself without telling Normand until after establishing herself on the scene – this approach allowed Mae to develop independently while crafting an original comedic style and showing that personal and professional relationships could coexist without one obscuring or overshadowing another’s talents or interests.

A New Orleans Wedding

Mark and Mae decided on New Orleans as their wedding location because its vibrant spirit perfectly captured their relationship and love of fun. Their ceremony included laughter and joy as vows were exchanged; notable moments included participating in a traditional New Orleans second-line procession as a demonstration of their deep connection with its culture and people.

At Mae’s lavish reception, local specialties such as po’boys, beignets and freshly shucked oysters were served up showcasing San Antonio’s rich culinary legacy. She made quite an entrance in an Ines Di Santo gown featuring removable sleeves and low cut back, creating the ideal blend between classical bridely elegance and contemporary styles.

Comedy Royalty Attendance

Guest List at Mark Normand’s comedy anniversary: Joe List delivered an inspirational yet entertaining speech; Ari Shaffer; Stavros Halkias; Sean Patton and Sam Morrill were present bringing with them their unique brand of humor for this festive event. Not only were these comedy luminaries paying a glowing testament to Normand’s professional achievements but they were there also reflecting his impactful personal legacy with those close to him.


Mark Normand’s wedding was much more than an expression of affection; it marked an intersection of some of comedy’s brightest minds with New Orleans culture’s diversity – as well as marking a new chapter for two creative individuals who met through laughter. Through their experiences together on and off stage, both Mark and Mae show how personal happiness can blend effortlessly with professional passion – this story shows us just that accepting who one truly is can lead to genuine happiness and fulfilment in life.

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