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Masaba Gupta has earned her place at the forefront of Indian fashion industry thanks to her innovative approaches and distinctive designs. Born November 2nd 1989 in Mumbai, Masaba is daughter to legendary West Indies cricketer Viv Richards; being raised among such diverse cultural environments shaped her creative process significantly; today Masaba is not only known as an iconic fashion designer but also as an entrepreneur and actress contributing to contemporary Indian fashion scene.

Early Life and Education

Masaba spent her early years struggling between aspirations and artistic endeavors, initially drawn to sports such as tennis from age eight but transitioning toward arts during her teenage years. Although initially interested in music and dance courses in London, Masaba soon returned home feeling disenfranchised from these courses and ultimately joined SNDT Women’s University Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic to further her passion in fashion design.

Career Milestones

Masaba launched her career at just 19 after earning a degree in apparel manufacturing and design. Recognized for her distinctive prints and innovative use of traditional Indian textiles, House of Masaba quickly made its mark among fashion enthusiasts with designs featuring both modern and timeless aesthetics to set itself apart from its peers in terms of creativity and standing out among competitors in terms of uniqueness and originality.

Notable collaborations include an unsuccessful project with Maybelline New York and an impressive redesign of Levi’s iconic trucker jacket featuring her signature cow motif. She has also ventured onto digital platforms, being the first Indian designer to host a fashion show on Instagram; as well as catering specifically to niche markets with her hijab-saree line.

Personal Life

Masaba’s personal life has been as interesting and dynamic as her career. After marrying film producer Madhu Mantena in 2015 and divorcing four years later in 2020, Masaba announced her engagement to lawyer-actor Satyadeep Misra at an intimate ceremony held on January 20, 2023 – celebrating with close family while showing her innovative flair as they dressed their wedding in pieces from Masaba’s couture line!

Masaba in Media

Masaba Masaba,” released on Netflix in 2020, follows Masaba and her mother Neena through their intertwined lives and offers viewers a glimpse into both personal and professional aspects of Masaba’s life blending reality with fiction for captivating storytelling. Following its success it received a second season, further solidifying Masaba’s influence across fashion and entertainment industries.

Future Endeavors

Masaba continues to expand her brand and find new creative paths as of 2023, estimated net worth estimated around $9 Million and strong business acumen and artistic vision are indicators that her career path appears on an upward path. Her engagement in social issues such as inclusivity in fashion highlights her role not just as designer but as pioneer in her industry.


Masaba Gupta stands as an inspirational testament to resilience and creativity, from her complex family dynamics to making bold career decisions with no apparent threat of failure, she remains an exemplar. Her individual style and entrepreneurial drive has not only defined her career path but have had an immense influence in shaping modern Indian fashion itself; as Masaba continues her quest to expand her horizons the fashion industry eagerly awaits what this multidimensional designer comes up with next!

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