Masters 2024 Net Worth How Rich Is Masters?

As Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia draws close to hosting this year’s Masters Tournament – known for its green jacket and handsome prize purse – the world is watching eagerly to witness who will claim this honour and claim glory as competitors vie for victory from April 11 -14th 2024 Masters is not simply a test of skills but rather an impressive event full of tradition and grandeur within golf’s global scene.

Record Prize Money Awaits

The 2024 Masters has set another milestone in its storied history by reaching an unprecedented total purse of $20 Million – up from last year’s record amount of $18 Million and reflecting an upward trajectory in prize money growth over time. Jon Rahm earned this year’s winner an unprecedented winning prize of an unbelievable $3.6 Million which marks both immense value and prestige associated with winning this event at Augusta National.

Break Down of Payout Structure.

The purse distribution at this tournament has been carefully planned to reward top finishers generously. Starting with the winner’s share, runner-up will earn $2.16 million and third will take home $1.36 million; subsequent places receive $960,000 and $800,000. Such impressive sums not only honor athlete accomplishment but also emphasize this event as one of the premier sporting events worldwide.

Tiger Woods’ Remarkable Continuity

Tiger Woods, one of the premier golfers of his era, continues to make history at Augusta National. On Monday he made an amazing 24th consecutive cut at Augusta – which stands as testament to both his skill and appeal – finishing 1-over after two rounds and remaining competitive while writing yet another page in his legendary history there.

Competing Jacket Brands

At this year’s U.S. Open, Scottie Scheffler, Max Homa and Bryson DeChambeau remain tied for first after two rounds, creating palpable tension as each player endeavors to add their name in golf history by winning one of its most sought-after prizes – not simply as proof of skill but because their journey involves managing both physical and psychological strain associated with such an important tournament.

Coverage and Viewing Details

Golf enthusiasts around the globe can catch live action from this year’s Masters on platforms such as ESPN+ and Paramount+, offering comprehensive coverage including featured groups and key holes ensuring fans do not miss a single moment of this tournament. Saturday is especially crucial, setting up for its conclusion – pairings and tee times being eagerly anticipated by golfing fans to follow their favorite golfers!


The 2024 Masters Tournament represents not only a peak in golfing prowess and tradition but also modern allure for professional golf. As players navigate Augusta National’s challenging course in search of significant financial gains but also hope to secure themselves an immortal place in its storied history, competing not only financially but for recognition in this revered tournament’s annals of skill strategy drama as they vie to wear Augusta’s green jacket in its final rounds.

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