Meghan Trainor Net Worth How Much Is Meghan Trainor Worth?

Meghan Trainor has made waves in the music world as an outstanding vocalist and song writer, famous for both her distinct sound as well as songwriting talent. Born into an artistic family on Nantucket, Trainor rose quickly from local star to global success through talent, determination, and serendipity; earning herself an estimated net worth of $14 Million today which speaks volumes of her success across different facets of her profession.

Early Musical Beginnings

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor first began singing when she was only six, inspired by her organist father and their time spent living on Nantucket together as jewelers. Moving to North Eastham later played an essential part in expanding Meghan’s musical horizons; during high school at Nauset Regional she engaged with various instruments and genres which enabled her to flourish musically.

Breakthrough and Success at Once

Meghan’s career took an important leap when she made the conscious choice not to accept a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and instead signed with Big Yellow Dog Music in Nashville instead, choosing instead songwriting as her focus area and building industry relationships through songwriting. After numerous rejections by major record companies such as Epic Records and other labels she finally released the self-penned hit “All About That Bass”, with massive success worldwide thanks to its retro aesthetic combined with modern pop sensibility – which catapulted Meghan to international stardom!

Career Evolution

After “All About That Bass,” Meghan didn’t rest on her laurels. With releases such as her debut album “Title” and follow-up “Thank You”, Meghan showed her versatility and ability to appeal to a broad audience. In spite of health challenges such as vocal cord hemorrhages, Meghan maintained her style and influence through pop music production while venturing into television as an expert judge on talent shows.

A Personal Life and Venture

Offstage, Meghan has led an equally busy and eventful life. Her romance with actor Daryl Sabara culminated in a fairy-tale wedding on her 25th birthday; their subsequent welcoming of their first child together added another joyous chapter in 2021. Additionally, Meghan made smart investments with multiple properties located throughout Los Angeles that display both artistic and business acumen simultaneously.


Meghan Trainor’s journey from small island talent to pop sensation is one that reads like an epic fairytale. Not only has Meghan overcame obstacles and made smart choices in order to become one of the leading figures of her genre; moreover she remains an inspirational figure and role model for emerging musicians worldwide.

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