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Marguerite L. Whitley is often forgotten in public consciousness due to media frenzy surrounding O.J. Simpson. While Whitley played an essential part in Simpson’s early life, post-divorce very little is known about her or any details surrounding their divorce; but with recent surge in attention surrounding Simpson some details regarding Whitley have come back into focus and become public knowledge once again.

Who is Marguerite L. Whitley?

Marguerite L. Whitley was married to NFL superstar O.J. Simpson when he was 19 and on his rise to national sports herodom. Contrary to some subsequent relationships that followed him, his marriage with Whitley remained relatively private until their final separation and eventual divorce in 1979.

What Led to their Divorce?

Simpson explained the reason behind their separation in an interview with People magazine from 1979. According to him, fame became their chief issue; celebrity status made private life nearly impossible leading to tensions that eventually caused tensions that resulted in tension-filled arguments that eventually resulted in divorce proceedings for them both.

Whitley Remarrying Following Her Divorce From Simpson?

Yes, Marguerite Whitley did not remain single for long after her divorce from Simpson. In 1986 she remarried transit supervisor Rudolph Lewis; their marriage ended two years later in 1991. Shortly afterwards in 1992 she wed Anthony Thomas who worked in furniture sales; details surrounding their current marital status remain unclear as no updates have been shared regarding them recently.

Was Their Marriage Abused in Any Way?

Contrary to allegations that surfaced later in Simpson’s relationships, Whitley maintained she never experienced physical abuse from Simpson during their marriage. In an enlightening interview on 20/20 with Barbara Walters conducted in January 1995, Whitley made clear that had any form of domestic abuse occurred she would respond immediately with something as harsh as a frying pan being placed over his head; her strong demeanor and independence was visible through their relationship.

What Were Whitley’s Attitudes Regarding Simpson’s Legal Woes??

Marguerite Whitley maintained O.J. Simpson was innocent during his high-profile trial for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, and expressed willingness to testify on his behalf, emphasizing her belief he wasn’t capable of the crimes being charged with. Her testimony during media appearances demonstrated this belief.

Where Can Marguerite L. Whitley Be Found Now?

Marguerite Whitley has since the trial largely faded into anonymity. While other individuals associated with her case became celebrities or regular commentators, Whitley opted for a life unburdened by media scrutiny; rarely speaking publicly or engaging directly with journalists; her whereabouts and activities remain mostly unknown.

Marguerite L. Whitley was known for her quiet resilience.

Marguerite L. Whitley remains an obscure figure who remains obscured by O.J. Simpson’s sensationalist and dramatic life. Her tale is one of resilience and privacy in stark contrast to that of Simpson himself; with renewed interest in him perhaps more will be learned about Whitley, painting an accurate and complete picture of her life and contribution towards one of America’s most divisive figures.

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