Oj Simpson Wife Who Is Oj Simpson Married To?

Orenthal James Simpson, known by many for one of America’s most dramatic legal dramas, died at age 76 following a long and courageous fight with prostate cancer. Commonly referred to by his initials O.J. Simpson’s life is one filled with athletic prowess, contentious legal battles and personal tragedy; thus marking the conclusion of an incredible tale which held audiences captive over decades.

Early Life and Career

Born July 9, 1947 in San Francisco, California, Simpson rose from humble roots to become one of America’s premier footballers. First gracing college audiences as Heisman Trophy recipient at University of Southern California (1968). Later going pro for Buffalo Bills where he set numerous records that earned him induction into Pro Football Hall of Fame 1985.

Tumultuous Personal Life

Simpson was known for both his athletic achievements and personal life. At 19, he married Marguerite Whitley and had three children before divorcing her four years later in 1979 – one daughter, Aaren died tragically soon before turning two in an accidental drowning incident shortly before turning two! Simpson married Nicole Brown again soon afterwards but this marriage quickly spiraled into allegations of domestic abuse before their separation in 1992 with two kids known as Sydney and Justin being born together before divorcing over allegations related to domestic abuse against Simpson himself.

The Trial of the Century

1994 transformed Simpson from sports hero into national mystery when he was charged with the killings of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, often known as The Trial of the Century. While his criminal trial concluded without convictions being found for both murders in 1995, civil court ultimately held Simpson liable and ordered payment of damages totalling $33.5 Million to victims’ families.

Life After the Verdict

After his trials, Simpson’s reputation was irreparably damaged and attempts at rebuilding were met with public opposition and criticism of various ventures undertaken to try regain some form of normalcy in life. Further legal trouble arise when in 2007, Simpson was charged and found guilty for armed robbery and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas, earning a nine year prison term.

Final Years and Legacy

Simpson was released from parole in 2017 and spent his final years living quietly in Las Vegas despite ongoing public scrutiny, prioritizing family, close friends, pensions from NFL and SAG as his means for financial security – his estimated net worth at his death is thought to have been between $3 and $5 Million.

O.J. Simpson’s life story is both dramatic and cautionary, chronicling his rapid ascent to stardom before its dramatic decline. His life journey showcases the complexity of American celebrity culture; personal flaws can often go overlooked due to public achievements until eventually coming out into light, impacting public perception. With news of his passing comes inevitable analysis on both his impact on and off the field along with discussion regarding his controversial life journey and legal system which judged him.

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