Patrick Renna Net Worth How Rich Is Patrick Renna?

Patrick Renna is an American actor and producer who has made waves within the entertainment industry with his dynamic performances and charismatic screen presence. Born March 3, 1979 in Boston Massachusetts, Renna’s ascent from child actor to respected figure within Hollywood stands testament to both talent and perseverance; over three decades into his career he has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million which speaks volumes of his success and lasting appeal.

Early Career Breakthroughs

Patrick Renna made his acting debut as a child actor when he appeared on Nickelodeon series “Salute Your Shorts” in 1992, before finding fame through his portrayal of Hamilton “Ham” Porter in “The Sandlot”, an action comedy which not only became a classic film but grossed $34.3 million against its budget of $7 million – with Renna famously delivering iconic lines such as: “You’re killing me Smalls!” to cementing Renna’s role with moviegoers alike.

Renna rose to prominence following his success on “The Sandlot”, appearing in several films during the 90s like “Son in Law” (1993) and “The Big Green” (1995). Renna’s ability to adapt his performance style for various roles made him one of Hollywood’s coveted talents.

Diverse Acting Roles

Patrick Renna is known for demonstrating incredible range in both film and TV roles throughout his career, appearing on such classic series such as X-Files, ER and Boston Legal among others. Each role demonstrated Renna’s talent at taking deep dives into each character he portrays with impeccable authenticity and precision.

Renna has also ventured into voice acting, lending his talents to the animated series Recess from 1998-2000 as one of its voice actors. This expanded his repertoire while showing him a different facet of entertainment.

Production Ventures

Expanding his horizons, Patrick Renna expanded his production ventures by taking on the producer role on “Bad Roomies,” released in 2015. Production allowed him to have greater input in the creative process while further diversifying his entertainment career. Patrick’s involvement shows not only his versatility but also his dedication towards crafting captivating tales.

Personal Life and Community Involvement

Patrick Renna lives a fulfilling personal life offscreen as well. Married since October 2006 to Jasmin, they share two sons together. Renna’s family are actively involved with Scientology; Renna plays an active part in church events and initiatives demonstrating his devotion and further adding another layer to his multifaceted character.


Patrick Renna’s journey in Hollywood is truly inspirational; from child actor days through major film roles and production ventures – to making an impressionful contribution in cinematic form and his community involvement, Renna has demonstrated talent, hard work, perseverance and progression as an entertainment professional. Renna’s dedication and character speak for themselves and he remains revered and well respected within Hollywood entertainment circles today.

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