Paul George Wife Who Is Paul George Married To?

Daniela George is best known as the wife of Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George and celebrated for both her supportive presence at games as well as entrepreneurial spirit and travel enthusiast qualities. Since 2013 they’ve been together, eventually getting hitched in June 2022; since then they’ve shared many personal and professional successes together – Daniela particularly becoming known in fashion circles with ventures in fashion industry as well as cultivating an engaged social media following dedicated to family, travel adventures and business acumen.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Daniela George and Sarah Patterson co-launched Nude Swim swimwear line, catering to those searching for both style and convenience, in June 2021. Inspired by shared experiences and tastes in fashion while their husbands played for Oklahoma City Thunder, Nude Swim’s success led Daniela George to expand her business portfolio further with SD Picks (later rebranded Luxe Picks). Luxe Picks serves as an exclusive platform for Nude Swim pieces while showing how Daniela George continues evolving business strategies into digital age.

Family and Personal Life

Daniela and Paul George’s relationship is an incredible testimony of strong bonds and shared values. After nearly 10 years together and welcoming three children (Olivia, Natasha and Paul), they finally tied the knot in 2022. Daniela shares moments from family travels as well as everyday joy with their kids via her Instagram posts which serve not only to commemorate milestones in her own life but also as Paul’s #1 supporter and cheerleader.

Supportive Partnership

Daniela George has always been there as an unwavering source of support for Paul George’s basketball career, posting many celebratory social media messages for both on-court successes as well as personal milestones like Paul turning 30th birthday or their engagement. Her support goes further still, accompanying Paul George to games while engaging with Clippers community – truly embodying her role of supporting partner who is fully invested in their spouse’s professional endeavors.

Globetrotting Adventures

Daniela makes travel an integral part of her life, as evidenced by her frequent posts from exotic locales such as the Bahamas, Italy, Mexico and St Barths on social media. Daniela uses Instagram highlights as a way of showing followers her world of luxury travel and family vacations; providing followers a window into Daniela’s world outside basketball court and family vacations alike. Travel serves not just leisure activities but is an inspiration source for her fashion ventures as it speaks directly to Daniela’s sophisticated taste and lifestyle.


Daniela George stands as much for herself as for her NBA superstar husband. Her entrepreneurial drive, commitment to family life and passion for travel all speak of an individual who embraces life with zest and style – be it business ventures, cheerleading at Clippers games or adventurous spirit! Daniela continues to captivate both her followers as well as those around her and remains an example for us all to aspire towards.

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