Phil Foden Net Worth How Rich Is Phil Foden?

Phil Foden was born May 28, 2000, in Stockport, England and quickly established himself as one of soccer’s brightest talents. Playing midfield for Manchester City as of 2018, Foden amassed many accomplishments as well as amassing an estimated net worth of $25 Million with annual compensation from Manchester City of $14.5 Million per annum from his latest contract agreement with them.

Rising through the Ranks

Foden began his journey at Manchester City’s academy at four, quickly showing exceptional promise as soon as his debut UEFA Champions League match against Feyenoord against Feyenoord was against Feyenoord on November 2017. By December 2017 Foden had set an international record by becoming youngest English player ever to start such an match at just 17!

Premier League Prodigy

Phil Foden has made significant contributions to Manchester City. In 2018, he became the youngest ever recipient of a Premier League winner’s medal; since then he has become an integral member of their squad, contributing towards domestic and international victories; including their unprecedented continental treble win in 2022-23 when Manchester City claimed all three trophies simultaneously!

Contractual Commitments

Phil Foden pledged his future and commitment to Manchester City by signing a five-year contract worth $72 Million in October 2022. Not only would this contract show how valuable Phil was as part of their team, it would also guarantee him a significant annual salary that further secured his financial security while showing the club’s belief in his abilities.

International Acclaim

Foden has excelled internationally as well, earning international acclaim through his impressive career to date. After first garnering widespread acclaim at 2017’s FIFA U-17 World Cup after helping lead England to victory, Foden advanced through various age levels before making his senior debut in 2020 despite an initial setback due to breach of COVID-19 protocols; since then he has become an indispensable fixture in England squad – participating at major tournaments like UEFA Euro 2020 and FIFA World Cup Qatar as a regular part of their setups since.

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Off the pitch, Phil Foden enjoys a serene personal life with Rebecca Cooke – his childhood sweetheart from their youth – and their two children. Foden takes time out from football for hobbies like fishing that provide him with relaxation from its pressures of professional sports.


Phil Foden has built an exceptional career thanks to hard work, talent and determination. Beginning at Manchester City academy and now playing an instrumental part in their recent successes, Foden has not only established himself as one of their key players at both club and international levels but has become one of football’s most promising figures for years ahead – something soccer enthusiasts eagerly anticipate with each spectacular display from this exceptional talent.

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