Raquel Colon Cancer, Know All The Details Here!

On May 30th 2022, scientific communities around the globe were stunned with sadness as we heard news of Prof. Raquel Seruca’s tragic passing away, even though not completely unexpected or early. She left an indelible mark in research surrounding hereditary gastric and colorectal cancer; especially regarding genetic instability as an indicator for stomach and colon cancer as well as heritable stomach carcinoma due to E-cadherin gene mutations.

Dedication to Scientific Inquiry for Life

Raquel Seruca began her pursuit of medicine at the University of Porto and earned her doctorate under Prof Manuel Sobrinho Simoes’ tutelage in 1995. Following research stints abroad (Netherlands and Portugal) Raquel established an epithelial interactions in cancer research group within IPATIMUP’s Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of University Porto (IPATIMUP), eventually rising to become deputy director.

Building on Research Excellence

Raquel was widely celebrated and recognized for her contributions to cancer research by both esteemed institutions and the Portuguese government through numerous grants, but her greatest pride lay with her Ph.D. students; one such student being myself. I can attest to Raquel’s exceptional mentorship that resulted in significant advances for global cancer research – her commitment to scientific excellence for future generations was truly inspirational and I can vouch for that personally!

Beyond the Lab Coat

Raquel Seruca was more than an outstanding scientist; her passion, enthusiasm, and ability to bring things about made an impressionful statement about who she was as an individual. Her inspirational teaching style enabled those lucky enough to work alongside and learn from her to grow exponentially over their careers with her guidance and mentoring. We celebrate Raquel as an outstanding scientific figure who revolutionized molecular cancer biology while translating her discoveries to clinical application successfully. We remember and celebrate Raquel with pride!

A Heartfelt Homage

A Loving Tribute On behalf of the European Cancer Prevention Organization, I wish to express our sincerest thanks and admiration to Raquel for all her immense contributions to scientific and personal growth. She was an incredible friend renowned for her exceptional competence, vast knowledge, profound humility and unfaltering commitment to science. Our conversations on IPATIMUP’s main entrance steps discussing life’s complexities will always remain close to my heart.

Raquel Seruca’s death marks an irreparable setback to science, but her legacy will live on and guide future researchers as we battle cancer together. Raquel was deeply committed to understanding gastrointestinal cancer’s molecular underpinnings while mentoring next-generation scientists; all who knew her will remember and cherish all the work and lives touched through her mentorship and contributions made both scientifically and humanity-wise by Raquel herself. Her spirit lives on in all those she touched along the way.

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