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Ravindra Jadeja, known for his all-round cricket prowess as an Indian all-rounder, has made enormous strides forward since debuting for Chennai Super Kings in 2009. Amassing over 6K international runs and 553 wickets since debut, Jadeja’s exceptional fielding abilities and consistent performances since 2009 has cemented him firmly into cricket history. Stepping in as captain during MS Dhoni’s absence was evidence of Jadeja’s leadership potential; over half his runs came during international matches against Chennai Super Kings players!

Who Is Ravindra Jadeja’s Wife?

Rivaba Jadeja (formerly Riva Solanki), wife of cricket star Ravichandran Ashwin is not only notable as his spouse but is an influential individual herself. A mechanical engineering graduate herself, Rivaba opted for politics after joining Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2019. Now serving as MLA from Jamnagar North Constituency of Gujarat state.

How Old Is Rivaba Jadeja?

Rivaba Jadeja was born September 5th 1990. As of February 2024 she has completed 33 years and made significant strides from engineering into politics – an amazing testament of both her talents and ambitions.

What Is Rivaba Jadeja’s Net Worth?

Rivaba Jadeja and her husband together are estimated to have an estimated combined net worth of 97.25 crore as of 2024, while Rivaba is reported to have amassed an individual fortune estimated to be approximately 57.60 crore due to her successful political career.

How Tall Is Rivaba Jadeja?

Rivaba Jadeja stands at 1.65 meters or approximately 5 feet 4 inches. Her presence can be felt not only within politics but also socially; where she regularly engages with members of her local community.

What DoeS Rivaba Jadeja Do for a Living?

Rivaba Jadeja made her mark in politics as she won an impressive 57% vote share during the 2022 Gujarat Assembly elections and became MLA from Jamnagar North Constituency of Gujarat Assembly. Rivaba also served on an advisory council during her successful political debut during these same elections, where her entry marked history with its unprecedented results.

Who are Rivaba Jadeja’s Parents?

Rivaba hails from a business background. Both her parents, Hardev Singh Solanki (a Gujarati businessman) and Prafulla Solanki have played pivotal roles in molding Rivaba’s career goals and ambitions.

How Active Is Rivaba Jadeja on Instagram?

Rivaba Jadeja maintains an active Instagram presence via @rivabajadeja_official, amassing over 158,000 followers and posting over 650 times as of December 2022. She and her husband both chose not to follow anyone on the platform (including one another)

How did Ravindra Jadeja Meet His Wife?

At an engagement party attended by both Rivaba and Naina of Jadeja’s sister Naina, their romance blossomed rapidly leading up to an engagement at Jadeja’s restaurant called Jaddu’s Food Field on February 12, 2016 where Rivaba proposed.

When Did Ravindra Jadeja Get Married?

On April 17, 2016, Ravindra and Rivaba celebrated their wedding ceremony with friends and family members from Rajkot, following two months after they got engaged. It featured traditional rituals as part of its festivities.

Ravindra and Rivaba Jadeja Have 4 Children Together

Nidhyana was welcomed into their lives on June 8, 2017. To commemorate her fifth birthday and show their commitment to the “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” campaign, their parents opened 101 Sukanya Samridhi accounts – representing 101 Sukanya Samridhi accounts that will grow with her each month!

Are Rivalries Within Ravindra Jadeja’s Family Exist?

Rivaba Jadeja and Nainaba Jadeja had an unusual dynamic during the 2022 Gujarat Assembly elections; Rivaba supported BJP candidate while Nainaba supported Congress candidate. Both sisters-in-law had distinct opinions within their family dynamic that made for an interesting contrast within it all.

Ravindra Jadeja’s life on and off the field reflects his complex character. From cricketing achievements to his wife’s political endeavors, the Jadeja family continues to make headlines as they navigate both professional and personal pursuits together – becoming an inspirational story in itself for fans and followers alike.

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